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  1. ~T.E.K.B.O.I.~

    Mac Pro (Early 2013) - Asus Rampage Gene 2

    Pretty awesome. And the two ACD's just seal the deal!
  2. ~T.E.K.B.O.I.~

    Software Piracy

    Well, technically I didn't purchase my Adobe Suite either because our school has it available for free. But I could understand why someone who isn't in school probably couldn't afford to spend the kind of money Adobe is asking for...
  3. ~T.E.K.B.O.I.~

    Is this where All Desktops are headed?

    In my opinion it's {censored} idiotic. So, eventually. I'll everything will stored on some remote server by some company who I will trust NOT to misuse my information? HA! Combine that with the new internet censorship bill and we're headed towards total {censored}EDVILLE. And from the looks of things, APPLE will be the mayor.
  4. Well if apple lowered their rediculous prices and updated their hardware more often then maybe companies like Phystar would fad away. But unfortunately apple just doesn't give a {censored} about the consumers anymore and the end result of that is phystar. Can't blame them for doing for people what apple refuses to do. Macworld was a CLEAR sign that apple is falling off. And they are just NOT listening to the consumers at all. If they would quit trying to rip their consumers and quit being greedy maybe this wouldn't be a problem at all.
  5. EPIC FAIL. That's the only words I can use to describe todays keynotes. NOTHING was delivered by Apple that the consumers actually wanted. They could have at least updated the hardware. To hell w/ a 17inch MBP. Then to make things worst they added something nobody wanted(glossy screen) AND then they decided to charge people to take it off. But hey, that's apple for ya? Guess it's pc from now on. At least I can get some blu-ray drives on it. SMH @ this {censored}. All that hype for nothing. How misleading. Apple should be ashamed. I know I am.
  6. Hi insanelymac forums, I'm looking for a FREE program that will find and add album covers to my itunes library. i have a massive itunes library and don't have the time to add every single cover to my library.
  7. ~T.E.K.B.O.I.~

    Powermac G4 Graphics Lag..

    Yep, I have a G4 power mac (which is over 7yrs old). And I'm having problems just viewing some websites. I love it and it has done wonders for me so far. But i'm definitely in need of an upgrade. I'm just going to buy a mac pro. As i'm branching into video and graphic related work. I see the need for the power.
  8. ~T.E.K.B.O.I.~

    Can I skin Itunes?

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I've been having trouble finding ways to skin my itunes for os x. I can only seem to find stuff for windows only. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  9. ~T.E.K.B.O.I.~

    Eliminate Menu Bar Transparency

    Is there a way to set the level of transparency on the taskbar?
  10. ~T.E.K.B.O.I.~

    Mac Pro vs. Hac Pro

    Thats exactly what I'm doing. They need to hurry up though. I'm getting impatient.
  11. ~T.E.K.B.O.I.~

    Logic Studio on dual 1ghz processor

    Yea, eventually I will get a cpu upgrade for this thing. 1ghz is just rediculously slow. Even reason is slowing down on me :censored2: Maybe that extra gig of ram I have comming in will help. Right now i'm only running 512mb. I'll be up to 2gigs as soon as the ram arrives
  12. ~T.E.K.B.O.I.~

    Logic Studio on dual 1ghz processor

    I'm waiting on my copy of Logic Studio to arrive any day now. But My G4 processor is Garbage. Its only a dual 1ghz. I have 2gb of memory though. Do you think I will have any problems? the recommended specs say it needs 1.25 @ least. Doesn't seem too far off.
  13. ~T.E.K.B.O.I.~

    Upgrading Memory in G4 Help!

    okay, they were out of stock anyways. I found some memory @ bestbuy and upgraded it to a 1gb. Now i'm going for 2 :)next i'm getting another harddrive and i'll be all set for Logic Studio :Dthanx 4 the help everyone. Edit: I wanted to come back and say thanks again to nonny mouse. This site is perfect. Got everything I need @ a low low price. I'm taking that expensive memory back to best buy tomorrow
  14. ~T.E.K.B.O.I.~

    Upgrading Memory in G4 Help!

    Thanx guyx. I'm thinking of getting this type of ram. Do you think it will work? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...-PQI-_-20141215