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[Media FR] What do you use Windows for ?

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Hi everyone,


I'm a french freelance journalist. I'm currently investigating on the uses of Windows - through Parallels or Boot Camp - by Mac users.

I'd like to kow what you use Windows for, what pleases you and what frustates you.


Feel free to PM me for more information regarding that investigation.




Nota : sorry for the cross post, I really didn't know where my question could fit in best

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For writing emails to ARTE for their bad news and discussions and their unfair Israel bashing.... but that's another topic.


I still use it for running some special applications at the University Cheikh Ante Diop (science software which exist only for Windows) or for gaming - for anything else I'm using Mac OS for ages.


Because Macs are at really high prices I decided to try OSX86 with a much cheaper PC hardware - if you can imagine how difficult it is to get a Mac in Senegal. With OSX86 not everything works, but the most. And it's getting better day by day.


Hey people, let's create a new programme named 'Macs for free for the third world'.... :)

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