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Powercolor 5870 2GB Eyefinity (6x minidp) & Apple Cinema Display 27"


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Update: I got it working with the Zonalis framebuffer!




OSX 10.6.4, core i5 760, 8GIG RAM, GA-H55M-USB3


I've got this running smoothly with a Dell 24" and a dvi to mini dp adapter. However, I cannot get the Apple Cinema Display (27") to work.



- If I put the Dell in DP #3, and ACD in DP #6 - that's the only way the ACD is even recognized in OSX.

- The Dell does not work in any other port than #3. It's recognized with model number in display settings.

- The ACD is recognized as VGA Display when it's connected to DP #6. Nothing happens in other slots. No picture.

- The ACD does not work in any port, even with forced resolution using SwitchResX when connected to #6 and then switching to #3 (the working port) and rebooting.

- ACD: None of the resolutions supported appear in display settings.

- In system info the USB hub, audio and iSight are all detected and working.


- BOTH displays show boot/bios screen and chameleon screen when connected to any miniDP port, but turn black upon OSX load.


Additional info:

- EDID is garbage (doesnt return any valid info at all) when extracted with SwitchResX (connected to #6)

- Using GraphicsEnabler=Yes in apple.boot.plist /extra

- After installing with ATI-5xxx-3, on the first boot (when installing combo+gfx update), the #3 DP works with the ACD, in 1024x768. After Combo+gfx+[url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]+reboot it is all black.

- My card runs Uakari framebuffer by default. Vervet = KP.

- Using Chameleon RC5 r593 with kabyls boot.

- Tried: Baboon, Hoolock, Vervet and some others with no luck.


I don't know what to try next.

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Any chance of posting that boot loader Mohamed Khairy made for you? I am thinking about picking up a diamond version of the card - specifically 5870PE52G. I have an old diamond 5870 that I have been having a hell of a time to get working with my system and lost out on the opportunity to post my device information for Kabyl when he was still working on the boot loader support for chameleon. No matter what I do I get black screens, and 100% fans - tried all the optional frame buffers, did the card rom export and other trickery, and nothing :D


Thank you!


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