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Correct Device ID but no QE/CI


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 Type:	GPU
 Bus:	PCIe
 PCIe Lane Width:	x16
 VRAM (Total):	32 MB
 Vendor:	NVIDIA (0x10de)
 Device ID:	0x0ca3
 Revision ID:	0x00a2
 Resolution:	1024 x 768
 Pixel Depth:	32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)
 Main Display:	Yes
 Mirror:	Off
 Online:	Yes


GraphicsEnabler=yes, with PciRoot=1 is on.

Device ID's are in 50hal and Resman.

The GT240's device ID is 0x0ca3.

QE/CI not working... nothing new there.

W. T. F. am I doing wrong?

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