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  1. how to restore a copy cloned install ?

    I believe you just pop in your installation CD and when it asks you if you're migrating from an older Mac to a newer mac, say yes and point the installation to the clone.
  2. Cannot boot from install dvd

    This may just be a shot in the dark but make sure you can read DL CDs. If you cant read DLs, then I recommend the USB install method.
  3. Background info: About a month ago, my computer suddenly began experiencing a few kernel panics, which i brushed off and deemed to be a "normal" part of my Hackintosh. Suddenly, I began experience more and more KPs, until finally I could no longer use my hackintosh anymore. I eventually had to save all of my information (and even lost a nice chunk) and reinstall OSX. Basically, the same thing is happening now, and I want to find a way to stop it! My most frequent activity on my computer is web surfing and Video watching, WHICH HAPPENS TO BE THE FIRST TIME I GOT A KERNEL PANIC BACK IN DECEMBER (during a hulu video). Now i just got another one watching superbowl commercials and I'm afraid this KP Coma will happen again! Fortunately, I purchased a spare drive and stored my info with Time Machine so hopefully I will never have to reinstall OSX. Any ideas?
  4. Did you remember to tweak your bios accordingly?
  5. DVI ---- HDMI 10.6.5

    Do what I did, get a HDMI>DVI converter.
  6. Install MAC 10.6.4 on Intel based PC

    Heres the hard truth: Hackintoshes are very HARDWARE SPECIFIC. Before you do anything, check your hardware compatibility here. I see you're on intel. Good, this will make it much easier to install. I can only help you up to the installation part, because I have none of your hardware. This is what worked for me: Step one: Obtain a copy of Snow Leopard. $30 upgrade CD will do. Step two: Burn yourself a copy of Empire EFI. ESSENTIAL. Step three: Boot to Empire EFI and proceed to install snow leopard. Step Four: install SL. Step Five: pull up a laptop and begin your search for kexts (mac equiv. of a windows "driver") WARNING: All of this might not even work/You might have to buy a new MB. But the DVD is absolutely necessary in all hackintoshes.
  7. SOLVED! My problem was thermal related. My crummy thermal paste dried out, so when I would go play flash videos, my system would basically just overheat. And on top of that, one of my clamps on my heatsink broke and was out of alignment, probably from one of my kicks. Replaced the paste, realigned the fan. All gravy. 10.6.5. Chameleon RC5 Ethernet kext. I noticed when I watch youtube videos, or any videos for that matter, my computer will just... shut off. Instantly, no warning. No kernel panics, no nothing. Just boom, off. I recently began getting lots of kernel panics so I did a backup and wiped my drive, starting from scratch. Also, note that I am overclocking my Q6600 from 2.4ghz > 2.67ghz, but I have been 100% stable at 3.00Ghz in 10.6.4, w/ chameleon RC4 (before the wipe). Ideas?
  8. KP's like never before.

    How would I go about doing that?
  9. A few weeks ago, I had my first kernel panic while watching a youtube video. That was my very first KP. The next week, I another two KP's while watching videos on Hulu and Youtube. Now, I can't boot up my hackintosh without receiving a KP. It's definitely a software issue because now I have to boot OSX from my Empire EFI disk and I haven't crashed in a few hours. This is seriously driving me crazy. I have some work due on monday and it would be VERY nice if I could have it back up and running before new years... Also, I can't locate any of the logs, but the causes (dependencies) have been: Geforce.kext NVDResman.kext IONDRVsupport.kext IOPCIFamily.kext IOGraphicsFamily.kext Thats the first kind of KP I get, which I believe is caused by my GT240 even though I've had a successful hackintosh running for about 3 months. The second KP I got was "mds" related. But I believe that spotlight is the culprit. Other various KP's involve Kernel_Task. What should I do? Reinstalling is NOT an option because the time it would take to get back all of my applications would interfere with my work.
  10. WHOOPS. Sorry, I must have confused you for someone else. I really only get useful help from like, 3 people.
  11. Alright, basically, I just got my Intel Q6600 in the mail and quickly OC'd it to 3GHZ, running stable. Now, I've had this issue with sleep and whatnot but I didn't want to fix it until I had the best possible CPU for my mobo. Now I do. So, i'm going to finally adress my sleep problems. Any help is greatly appreciated. Side note: If I try and force my hack to boot in 64 bit via efi string, my harddrives will just shut down and the spinning wheel will just keep on spinning. I haven't really tried removing my 32bit string because I'm afraid I won't be able to get back. If you guys could ALSO help me on this issue, I would probably die of joy.
  12. Here's the lowdown. At this moment, NOTHING works 100.00% out of box. There are parts that work VERY close to 100.00% For example, I'm running OSX 10.6.4 on a G41m-Es2L with a GeForce GT240 1024MB GFX with one bootflag and an audio kext. (basically 1 little driver and some VERY light text editing) Take a look at this. It's basically a list telling you what works and what doesn't.
  13. Fixed it: Forgot to turn speedstep off in the bios. (EIST)
  14. [FIXED!] Silly me, I forgot to turn Speedstep off in the bios. (EIST) Yes, I have the latest version of Adobe Flash player installed. It's mostly HD action video that kills me. All 480p video, even high movement action works. Everything above that just laggs and it's impossible to watch. I just get blurs. No, it's not an ISP problem, because it loads fine. I installed Perian and Quicktime X, but it's still not helping. Tried like every browser, so it's not browser involved. Running: 10.6.4 E6850 Core 2 Duo 4Gbs RAM GT 240 1GB DDR3 GPU I don't get this problem in WinXP, just in OSX. Side note, I get video lagg in FCP7 and Premiere Pro previews as well. VLC player plays full 1080p HD video PERFECTLY.
  15. Help with gtx 260

    And if that gives makes you unable to boot, remove it and put: <key>PCIRootUID</key> <string>1</string> REMEMBER TO CAPITALIZE! It won't work if you dont.