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Lemme get this straight...


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So, I still haven't got this hackintosh working, it's been like 2 months. Now I'm starting to wonder, am I installing this right?


Since I don't have a Sata CD drive that can read DL disks, I had to find ways around it. (IDE CDR still recognized/fully functional) when I boot into SL)


Heres what I'm doing:

Prep the USB 1 Partition OSX, 1 partition Empire EFI

Boot with an Empire EFI CD, then, by using that, boot into the USB.

Install OSX (works)

Boot into OSX (Works, but only with the CD or [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] installation)


After that, ALL gfx kexts give me black screens. Efi strings dont work either. Audio and ethernet are fine.


Is there something wrong in my install method?


Gear List:

G41M-ES2L Rev 1.4

GeForce GT 240 1GB DDR3 2.0

4GB x 1 Gskill 800

3GHz Core 2 Duo E6850

700 PSU

HDMI 22" monitor

17" VGA Monitor

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Unplug the HDMI display and try with only the VGA monitor. HDMI doesn't work properly on most nvidia video cards. You can try to get that working later, it needs some "special attention" to get working and it's very possible that it won't work at all.


Plug the VGA monitor into the output that's closest to the motherboard, then google krazubu's 'guide for all nvidia boards' and follow that guide when modifying the required nvidia kernel extensions.


Start with a clean slate:


Be careful and check that you aren't using more than one injection method. Try with Chameleon GraphicsEnabler=y and your cards device ID inserted in the relevant and otherwise unmodified nvidia kext(s). Make sure there is no injector.kext (natit/nvkush/nvdarwin/nvenabler etc etc) in /System/Library/Extensions and that you don't have a Device Properties (AKA EFI) string in your com.apple.Boot.plist.


You didn't say which version of OS X you're running! If you're on 10.6.4 you should download and install the "Snow Leopard Graphics Update" from Apple before proceeding, to make sure that you have clean nvidia kernel extensions to work from.

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Okay, I'll try that. So is this what I should do?


Take out HDMI cord, keep the VGA cord in my GT240.

Reformat and Reinstall using the same method w/ Empire EFI (10.6)

Boot with CD

Upgrade to 10.6.4, no kexts yet, just GraphicsEnabler=y Reboot.

Install the Snow Leo Graphics update.

Follow guide.


Question: Relevant/unmodified nVidia kexts=______?

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EDIT: Found the device id. Some gamer having fps troubles helped me out. Haven't tried. Will post back. It's: Vendor ID: 0x10DE

Device ID: 0x0CA3

SubSys ID: 0x069D10DE

Another edit: I dont have a bootloader currently installed, meaning no /E folder. I put graphicsenabler=yes into the one in /L/pref/SysUtil/Com.apple.... and nothing changed. Ideas?


My Device ID isn't listed anywhere. Checked the complete list here, checked pcidatabase.com, got nothin.


On a side note,

Reformatted and reinstalled using CD/USB method (empire EFI)

Booted with CD and generated user.

Updated to 10.6.4


Installed Apple Graphics Update


Stuck at not being able to find device ID...


Also, GT 240 by PNY (same card I have) is listed as fully working in HCL 10.6.3/4 OOB with GraphicsEnabler=yes and PCEFI 10.5.

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