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CPUThrottler2Beta2 released

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Here is Beta2!


New Features:

-Status Menu Item displays the currents speed

-Profiles can now be saved and loaded


Still Working On:

-Adding a menu to the status menu item that will be able to select profiles without opening the main window as well as have a show/hide main window option

-being able to name and add more then 3 profiles. I released this version to allow people to play with the current system, but I will be adding more features to the profile saving.

-adding a preference pane to configure the application

-adding undervolting support (this is probably for beta4 at least...definatly want to add the other things before this because it is a HUGE undertaking)

-I also will be looking at modifying the actual throttling code to tweak sensitivity and make it a little smoother transition wise. I know phusho has worked on this, and if you are out there reading this, please PM me!


Anyway, the authorization timeout bug is still present, please look at the CPUThrottler2Beta1 post for the workaround.


Enjoy, and please report any bugs (i have a feeling ive run into one, but i cant reproduce it...please play extensivly with the profile system). BTW, the profiles are saved as a plist named profiles.plist in your home directory if you want to edit them directly.



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Good, but on my lappy with Turion ml-32 and Ati X200 the frequency steps only in 1600 and 1800 mhz.

Is there possibilities to increase steps? In windows with rmclock I'm able to step 800-1000-1200-1400-1600-1800 mhz.


Do u know if is possible to step the frequency voltage?


Thanks a lot :D:D:D

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Saber, is it possible to share the source for CPUThrottler? I'm especially interested in the NSStatusBar stuff for the status-bar update (and possibly adding a menu).





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It seems that CPUThrottler2 doesn't seem to work with the daemon autostart version of ACPICPUThrottle.kext. Would I have to use the normal version and execute the .kext everytime? (If I do, it'd be rather troublesome.)

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