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  1. Openly developing a kernel.

    How exactly are you censoring this post? I dont see an Admin or Moderator badge next to your name. Get the {censored} over yourself you dumb ass piece of {censored}. Im sure this post will not last very long, but you know what, {censored} it....i used to at least lurk around Insanely still, but this idiot has sealed the deal and i have no desire to come back. Btw, Buildsmart...i can already predict your response: "SaberSHO, you are an idiot and need medical help"....thats right, cause everyone who disagrees with you must be far less inteligent then you and suffering from some medical disorder </sarcasm>. And your constant criticism of anyone who doesnt speak english as a first langauge just makes me laugh even more. English is my 2nd language, I have probably made a mistake somewhere in here grammatically or spelllingwise, i guess that makes me a {censored} moron </sarcasm>. You claim that people are keeping sources private for ego reasons, but the only person i see around here with HUGELY inflated ego is yours. so again...GET THE {censored} OVER YOURSELF. All you have done is whine and {censored} about a situation that you didn't like and then sneak behind peoples back to release materials that the original authors didnt want released. I have not seen a SINGLE contribution to the kernel from you. so you know what PUT UP OR SHUT THE {censored} UP BUILDSMART Administrators + Mods of IM, I cannot believe you are actually giving this guy the credit he wants by "cleaning up" this thread for him!?!?/! Are you now his lackeys that do his bidding? This guy writes obvious FlameBait threads and then expects you to clean up his dirty work. Have some pride in yourselves and just delete this/future thread all together. If buildsmart wants to censor anyone who disagrees with him, then let him do it on his own damn forum...dont give in to his massive ego trips.
  2. I think your opinion is valid BuildSmart. However, my big big problem with this whole situation is that even though you don't like the idea that some source, utilities, etc arent shared and freely available (which, for some, I can understand your annoyance), It does not give you the right to just release it against their will. Your right, probably none of the code is copyrighted. but people worked hard on it, and for WHATEVER reason they want to keep it private...well..damn....that is their right. You can make posts saying that their hording materials is wrong and stupid, etc..no one can stop you from expressing your opinion. But, if someone says "please dont redistribute this"(or any form of that statement), have enough respect for your fellow developer to follow their wishes!!! -SaberSHO
  3. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    EDIT: yeah, i didnt read that right....my bad :\
  4. FS: D945-GNTLKR Mobo and Pentium D 820

    a couple questions: how is the overclocking potential on this board? Since its an intel board, does it still have bios overclocking options? Also, Whereabouts are you located (vaguely, i understand you want your privacy)...east coast US? west coast? the moon ? I might be interested, depending on if i can find some cash lying around...<starts digging through the sofa for change...it adds up you know > Ill PM you with an offer when i have a better idea of what i can afford
  5. 10.4.9 Source Released

    Well, im sure Kiko will be releasing a SSE2 patch very soon, since he + co-conspirators decided that writing one themseleves was way harder then hacking a IRC server and just stealing other peoples hard work. And people wonder why no one wanted to work with Kiko, well, there you are, he is a thief. Even if you werent happy that the source was being kept from some people, do you really think that stealing it and causing havoc on the IRC network was going to fix anything? Anyway, everything is equal now, so can this childish {censored} stop now? please? for the love of all that is good about osx86?
  6. Getting to reconize iTunes

    See that stickied post on top of this forum? "Get atv os running on your intel mac" or somethng like that (im too lazy to click back and read, just like your too lazy to read). go to the big section with HUGE BOLD LETTERS that say Use this tip to use the media on your local computer!. There you go.
  7. 10.4.9 Source Released

    For all these people bitching about not having the source to SSE2 emulation......THERE IS NO F***ING SOURCE....the sse2 emulation was all done in assembly. And all instructions except for MWAIT and MONITOR are FULLY emulated. and guess what, MWAIT and MONITOR are useless (no one uses em). So the SSE2 emulation written by Rufus (and Semthex) is complete, and its not available as a simple little c file you can plug into your project. TIt is a pure binary hack/patch. And if anyone is like, well, who are you SaberSHO to know all this.....I was Rufus and Semthex main beta tester for the SSE2 kernel. I still have 20+ incremental beta kernels that go from having 2 instructions completed to all of them completed. I spent hours and days on IRC with rufus testing out every single little change...so please...i know what im talking about. Again, to reiterate...there is no source! so quit bitching about it.
  8. water damage

    Well, ive had a whole pitcher of beer spilled on my laptop, and it immediatly went fizzzzzzz......dead. Opened it up as best as possible and let it dry for about a week, tried booting it with my fingers crossed and it worked perfectly!!!! appart from a slighly sticky keyboard, but can't complain at all. Just try to open it up as best you can and let it dry.....and BE PATIENT...dont keep trying it every 2 hours, it causes more risk. And if you do try to get it fixed under warranty, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT TELL THEM IT WAS WATER DAMAGE.......thats instant "sorry, cant help you". Just say it died randomly one day and see if they can fix it. Its worth a shot.
  9. Moved: Running OS X on my PC

    Well, if you want things to work flawlessly, your only choice is to buy a real mac or custom build a comp with very specific parts. if you ahve the right parts, the install is very easy, if not...it can be a real hassle. Specifically to you hardware tho, your screwed on the video card, which to my knowledge is not supported, which means no forms of video editing or anything like that. And i seriously doubt that your recording sound card will be supported, but i might be wrong on that one.... Sry to be the bearer of bad news bud :\
  10. Mac Development is awesome, imho. IDEs: use Xcode...its free, its easy, its powerful APIs: well, you have carbon and cocoa for applications, IOKit for drivers, etc. Very clear cut deliminations of the APIs. Cocoa works with both java and objective-c (you mentioned you like java, so you might be tempted to try out a cocoa java app, DONT...it works fine and if you need it its great, but learn objective-c....its a great language). Carbon is mosly c/c++ based. IOKit is also c/c++. Documentation: this might be a downside...i personally find the Apple documentation to be a little skimpy at times, but the advantage is that mac users/devs stick together and their are TONS of resources and advice you can get from other mac devs. Flexibility: well, osx is unix based, so you find a lot of similarities between linux and osx. Unfortunatly, there is often the "mac way" and the other way. I really love cocoa/objective-c. No other language out there has let me build a full featured app quite as quickly and easily. I highly recommend "Cocoa Programming in OSX" by Aaron Hillegass if you want to start learning this awesome framework/language! I hope this is the kind of information you are looking for. If you have the chance, definatly give it a go. I love booting up XCode about 100 times more then VC++!!
  11. http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...y=AppleDisplays Seems we have gotten a price cut, although no mention of new technologies. I was really looking forward to having a built in iSight, but oh well
  12. Stay Tuned Folks

    Well, installing the kext is not the problem. The problem i sthat there is no Kernel that supports both SSE2 and Speedstep (only SSE3). I dont know what is going on with that, I would ask Kiko. My part is the CPUThrottler2 application, and im working on it as much as I can (along with way way way too much schoolwork). However, once a new kernel is made that gives us sse2 users some speedstep support, it should be very very easy to swap it in for your current 10.4.8 kernel.
  13. Stay Tuned Folks

    um yeah...still working on it. and there is no sse2 kernel with speedstep yet afaik, which is SEVERELY limiting my testing (im using a 10.4.6 install to test right now, i hope to god the syscalls havent changed). Please be patient with me
  14. New rule: Promotion of websites

    oh come on...dont act like you have no idea what he is trying to say with that rule. The language might be a bit vague, but its quite obvious which new forum recruiting people he is talking about.
  15. uh...parallel processing?