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How to add Ubuntu to Chameleon?


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I have a bootable OS X DVD that when I boot my computer with my external hard drive plugged in pulls up Chameleon.


The options in it are:

>my C: Drive (with Windows)

>my D: Drive (which I THOUGHT had Ubuntu on it but it says something like BOOTMGR MISSING when I select it)

>OS X (It's there, didn't try it yet though)

>the NTFS partition on my external hard drive (Nothing installed on it)

>an un-named thing that looks sorta like http://fs.devloop.org.uk/filesystem_icon.png and when I select on it the screen flashes and the computer quickly restarts and goes back to Chameleon.


My question is: Is my Ubuntu installation on here? Do I somehow fix the entry in my D: drive? Or is it that unnamed thingy? I'd like to know my Ubuntu installation works before I install OS X and replace GRUB. Thanks in advance. :)


If for whatever reason you need more info I can try to provide it but I may need to be told how to get it.

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Sorry for the double post but I just thought of something. Does anyone know if Chameleon can detect extended partitions? How can I check what partition my Ubuntu installation is on? IIRC, I shrunk my D: 15GB and made a 15GB partition for Ubuntu, but that may have been an extended partition or something or maybe I didn't do that at all. I guess I'll poke around gparted tomorrow or something but if anybody has a way to get Ubuntu into Chameleon without having to do anything like that, that would be great.


Unrelated: The wooden board background is distracting me. It's pretty cool. Good job making this site, whoever made this site.

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Bootable operating system, as far as I know, are required to be on a primary partition. This, indeed, could be why Ubuntu isn't there already.

Is there a way to move my Ubuntu installation to a primary partition, or to switch it from extended to primary? I'm not even sure if it's on an extended partition. I'll check when I'm done with my homework, which I need Windows for. Any advice for how to do so?

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