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Almost, but no audio or dual-screen


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Hi Guys,


So I finally succeeded to install SL on my PC, although I am not satisfied yet.

I have got 3 problems:


1. No audio

I tried every kext which is out there, no result. I keep getting this: click.

I tried a AppleHDA.kext & HDAEnabler.kext. I also tried the ALC889A.kext, and even the VoodooHDA.kext.

Is it possible that I did install the right .kext, but that one of the others is interfering? If so, which should I delete?


2. No Dual-screen

I can't work without a dual-screen. I tried the Natit.kext, but no difference: only a mirror.

Is my GPU installed correctly? How can I test this?


3. Chameleon RC2 gives an installation failed error.

Don't have a clue what could be the problem here :(.


My specs:

Snow Leopard 10.6
Gigabyte GA-EP46-DQ6
ATI Radeon HD4870 512MB (2xdvi: dual-screen=2xdvi to vga)
4GB DDR2 Memory

I don't think you need anymore info, do you?


I hope someone can help me try to fix these problems!!

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