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  1. try setting linux as the active/boot partition so it boots first?
  2. ah ok sorry, i hadnt heard of that method, if that does work the only other thing i can think of are make sure to case you typed the names in is correct?
  3. you cant use labels, you have to use the HDD numbers i.e. hd(0,2) the numbers can't change unless you such the cable sockets or something like that
  4. if you get back to the point, where you have 2 HDDs which are both working fine as you describe, you could try plugging the OSX HDD in the first SATA slot on your MB and the windows HDD in the second, and boot into OSX. from there install chameleon to the EFI partition (use the guides that come with it etc.) when thats done, you should be able to boot into the chameleon bootloader, where you will have the option to boot OSX or windows (this is the kind of set up i have anyway and it works)
  5. from my understanding, i think that windows cannot be installed on a GUID partition table (GPT), it prefers MBR. try formatting the disk as MBR, install windows first, then use the disk utility to make the HFS+ and ext3 partitions later, and install OSX on an MBR (because that is doable)
  6. you could boot into e.g. a linux live disc and manually move the kexts into the appropriate folder, delete the mkext, and boot with -f similarly to answer the orginial question you could booting into a livecd or possibly the install cd (not sure) and use the terminal to replace/delete the kext and rebuild the cache (you would need to know the right commands though if you use the OSX install disc)
  7. J.B

    Problem Installing iDeneb v1.3

    i believe what i did (it was a while ago) was install OSX on the second HDD (having already had windows installed on the first and not wanting to erase it), and install the chameleon bootloader to that partitions EFI i then set that as the main boot HDD (although it was the second) and that meant i could select Windows or OSX from the chameleon bootloader on the OSX HDD and not have to edit the windows boootloader
  8. J.B

    Problem Installing iDeneb v1.3

    if you are on AMD, then a vanilla kernel just wont work for you, that is why alternatives to it exist, to try and make OSX run on non intel machines dont try to run the install with more than one kernal selected, it shouldnt even lete you do that
  9. J.B

    Marvell Yukon 88E8057 on EVGA e762 x58

    sorry, havent looked at this in a while, but as far as i know, changing a kext in OSX shouldnt really affect a windows installation in that way, i guess you could try reinstalling the windows drivers though?
  10. J.B

    A Little help needed

    in the verbose log what is the last thing its says before its hangs? that might help in solving it, try searching error codes etc
  11. J.B

    A Little help needed

    you should be able to just type it before pressing enter while the drive is highlighted
  12. J.B

    My first H-tosh

    check my signature, all the things below work well together, though i personally would recommend that you stay away from ATI for this sort of thing, because the general gist i get is that they are harder to work with (less compatible in OSX)
  13. like i recommended earlier, try the DSDTSE first, it generates and integrates your DSDT in a GUI, as well as lets you edit it in a decent custom editor, and lets you implement premade fixes as well as your own
  14. if you mean a DSDT editor, DSDTSE is the way to go, it also helps you implement a few custom modifications etc. sorry about that, i was under the impression after reading another post somewhere that fakesmc and dsmos had a similar function
  15. J.B


    try booting in safe mode? -x