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Kernel Panic, Registry Corrupt every install.


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hello, Nathan here.

i'm currently trying to install osx on my new (old) Compaq NC4200 but am finding some difficulties with kernel panics on the boot up just after the installation.


here's the Specs:


Intel 915GM/910GME cihpset

intel Centorino 1.86GHz

900 intel media accelerated card



on the Kernel panic it says something about a corrupt Registry or something. i think it may be my disk, as it doesn't work on my AMD Desktop. however, the installation still completed successfully so idon't seem a problem.

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To add a little bit more detail, it says something like "an OSArray has corrupted the Registry..." and it says something about voodoo. can it be one of the Voodoo monitor/battery things, or what?

i've got to a grey screen before but, it didn't get any further then that.

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I've gone past the kernel panics and now reached the stage where i reach a grey screen.

this is after the initial boot up screen, it just reaches a grey screen with no apple logo, no spinning wheel of doom, no no'ting (apart from the grey screen i was talking about.)


i don't know what it is, but it puts my Laptop Temps Through the roof. on windows XP, i can always hear my fans, yet, on this grey screen, it doesn't sound.


i know, in the First boot u of snow leo, a grey screen, should show, but for 10 minute?

i have to hard turn it off sinces it's SOO hot.


anyone had this before. i haven't tried an external monitor yet, and thats what i will try next


oh, and i fixed the OSArray error. it had something to do with the eliotteLegacyRTC.Kext, where i had to delete it.

after that, i had an error/KP to do with IOATAFamily.Kext and AppleIntelPII.Kext, where i replaced the ioataFamly Kext with this one : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=186609


you can do all this on windows using MacDrive 8. becareful, it's pretty buggy, and is known to corrupt Data.

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