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  1. Lion Wont Boot?

    Seems fine? Maybe try to log into single user (-s boot command) If you get to the terminal you should be fine. Also be paitence.My Lappy was idle for the best part of 10 minutes before it actually booted to the desktop, however, this was on 10.7.1
  2. I am also getting this problem, but only with my built in Trackpad on my lappy. This WAS a problem, but a reinstall, sorted. (Select the PS2 patch) I find the ps2 patch helps when your not even using PS2. (However USB Mouses use PS2 anyway, but on a USB interface) Good Luck . (Just Hope I get the Drivers for my TrackPad)
  3. need help from more experienced users

    You could try The Console (not terminal). It's kinda there to find errors in application :/
  4. Get Out. No, ofcourse not. It's like fitting a square peg into a triangle shaped hole - they just don't fit. However Linux is like a Hexagonal shaped peg, will mac OS X is a Circular shaped hole - A little trimming and they could possibly just fit. Linux and mac are both unix based operating systems (Funny, Cos Mac Boasted about not being Unix based :/) So there are simularities in the operating systems, down to the Shell (They both use bash.) You will however need the sources for the linux drivers, which should be opensource, but arn't always so. Good luck with what ever your trying to do
  5. Hello. I'm looking for a fix for the trackpad on a k52f. It's only 6 months old, so really. I doubt it uses PS2 , but hey, all Mouse and keyboard connections work via a ps2 emulator on a computer anyway. So , What kext would I need? I tried VoodooPS2Controller, But none of my perhirials worked, ie my bluetooth wireless mouse actually stopped working, along with my keyboard. Also, is there a Kext yet for Intel HD 2000 Gpu's? I want to start a project too try and get them working. I know C++ soo...yeah , why not help? But it's pointless helping if there's already a driver for it And Great, Now I just realised VoodooPS2Controller has just broke my whole system. Thanks Voodoo, Time for another install
  6. No Clue. Once you turn off your PC , everything in your RAM gets wiped, so really, when rebooting to windows from mac, it's shouldn't be anything to do with your mac installation. What maybe the case is it's down to the Boot loader. try updating the boot loader or changing it.
  7. Hello there... I have a i3 non sandy bridge Laptop with integrated Graphics which is rather useless (unless someone makes a Frame Buffer Kext that works for it(I'll take a look at it after some exams I have coming up...)) And an AMD build - 9800gt running on the crapest MOBO in the universe (Literately a piece of cardboard with strings punched through it ;D) Basically, I need a development Machine, Which can run xcode on the latest Lion. and one thing that I really notice with any of my install disks, is that Atom processors are supported fairly well... so... How about an atom build - the cheapest ITX build - under £150 ... doable? here what I had in mind : either : http://www.ebuyer.co...board-boxd525mw 1.6 GHz single core - slower (kinda) then my ipad(2) or a dual core 1.8 Ghz : http://www.ebuyer.co...-out-ga-d525tud either one is {censored} - my 2.8 Ghz desktop finds loading iTunes a bit of a faff and : http://www.ebuyer.co...th-sata-pix1001 sexy beast huh? nah - I might just install it in a shoe box or somethin' - probably have more fingers left that way :/.... it does come with a PSU (How can it be possible?) so no worries there ... GPU? intergrated... is it any good? QE/CI? \ QI/CE? (which ever way?) So what do ya think? : CPU , MOBO , GPU intergrated - PSU case Intergrated .... Ram... an extra £20 for 2GB - DVD Drive - I have an external one... HDD - Extra £30... thats it... around £150 for a dual core 1.8 Ghz ITX which runs Lion?
  8. Hey. I have searched around for a work around to get my installation to boot, but every time it halts at AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement, saying that it has timed out. my specs are : Asus K52F: i3-350 2.4 GHz integrated video and audio intel HM66 Chipset I am using no drivers - just chameleon and a modded Kernel - of which? I have no idea and obviously I'm trying to install 10.7.1... It'll be sweet to have some answers, unlike other posts of this topic. and thanks for your time...
  9. Hey. A couple of months ago it was clear to me that people with non-sandybridge 'i' series processors were in the dark when it comes to OSx86... I would just like to say... "We Want it Too!!" is there any progress to get this working... I believe the main problem is integrated graphics... I have a really nice ASUS K52f - 1st gen i3 with Integrated graphics... I bought it 3 months ago... Unfortunately I have £1400 in the bank from premium bonds that I made, and well...I want to run osx.... Yet I feel it's pointless buying a Macbook Pro when I just got my ASUS.... Is there ANY way (even a crude setup) where I can get my laptop of a form of OSX? (windows is pain, and linux has not enough support...) Tah...
  10. Hi, wow...I was thinking of buy that laptop- instead I got a ASUS A52f- literally 3 hours ago... Same processor - i3 napalm...Now I'm just wondering whether I need sandy bridge for a vanilla install ?
  11. Hello. My name is Nathan. For a long time I have yarned to own a MacBook- the feeling of running OSX hack free and without a worry all on the move, must feel sensational. (I'm a little bit a NERD, whatever) The only problem is Steven thinks EVERYONE must want innovation in EVERY product- and he thinks EVERYONE can afford £900 for a MacBook- which we all know really costs around £350 in comparison to some of the specs of DELL laptops :C I am 17- I can no where near afford a £900 for low range spec MacBook. -I'm not as rich as some of you lucky people out there. So my question... What's the best Laptop /Specs for lion. I imagine: i5 Sandybridge CPU (for use with the vanilla kernel?) intel HD graphics 3000 would be a broad requirement. Apple uses their own chipset for there laptops-it makes it's hard to find a laptop that is actually 90% compatible So what laptop is recommended to run lion? I have upto £300 (a third of a MacBook) or put it this way, what laptop does people have the least trouble with?
  12. hello. i'm trying to get my intel 2200BG wifi card to work in my HacBook, but it's being a little stubborn (Alright, alot stubborn ), i've downloaded and installed the latest stable release of iwidarwin, but...hey, it doesn't connect.... it just stays at "Getting ip address" it goes no furthur (My connection in NOT encrypted)... and also, when i turn it on and off again, it does kinda the same thing, but it goes back to "Scanning..." again if anyone has solved this problem, it would be great to hear from you. i've done a big google, and have searched the forum...noone has had this problem, let alone have a fix for it also i get a KP from the "IONetworkingFamily.kext" sometimes... wether this is down to iwidarwin, i don't know. it's kinda frustrating when i have Everything set up alright...sound, graphics ect... (i Want to go online and download XCode!)
  13. yello. i have finally got most things working on my nc4200, but after i install a new chameleon, when i boot, about after 3 seconds of loading the desktop, my mouse and keyboard freeze. i can use a usb keyboard and mouse, but obviously, i want the built on one to work. i read on a official apple post that this one person had the same, but really strangely when she turned her internet off (pulling ethanet out the back of her mac,), her mouse and keyboard was working again. i tried it (it's wifi so i turned the card off by the on and off button) and to my surprise, it works again. now when i turn my wifi back on again, i get a KP when loading safari. so then i read that one bloke said it worked in -F boot flags. so i tried that. yes my mouse and keyboard worked. i turned my internet on again. No kP (YAY!) then i went to go and click on Google search field, when my mouse and keyboard did not work again this is almost taking the mic. i've searched around, and I'm the only one like it. any help will be appreciated
  14. hello. i was finally able to install Leopard on my NC4200 laptop. now i just have a few problems i still need to figure out. Shutdown: my hacBook will not shut down. i click the shut down button in the apple menu, and well. the mac bar and dock goes, but my wallaper stays. i wait about 10 minutes later and still the same. no loading spinner or anything. the only way i can turn it off, is my using the Power off switch on the side. i don't like it, as my laptop lets a loud bleep! Sound: my AC97 drivers do not work. i have tried VodooHDA but still a fail. boot up time : it takes about 7 minutes to boot up. i installed a fix for ACHI which stated there will be a slow boot, but come on! Wifi; i have installed the iWidarwin drivers for my 2200BG, but everytime i boot i has to do the same ol process, of turning off the wifi, and turning it back on, and beg to god that i will load wifi without losing the IP adress. it says in the Read me to load Network prefs, but it KP's of fails to load. temperture: little hot then i'd like. same as windows 7 i guess, but is still hotter then XP. other then that, great! i have QE/CI working perfectly. thanks for any replys!
  15. hello. yes, i have the famous Intel 900GMA/915GM express video card, and i has the most famous problem. How do i boot up leopard on my laptop monitor without the need of a paperclip! i have installed osx86 on my cosines' toshiba laptop, which also has a 915GM, but it worked first time, and many other times after (lucky so 'n so.) so how will i go about this? i have a NC4200 HP Compaq by the why. with a ICH6 chipset am i'm trying to run 10.5.7 iDeneb on it. also, it gets pretty hot, anyway of changing this?