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Can I install Tiger with 256 MB of ram?

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Hello! I want to install tiger in an old computer (800MHz, 256 MB ram). I know it will be very slow with that specifications, but I'm going to try it. My question is: has anyone installed Tifer with 256 MB of ram?



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I have installed Tiger with 256mb ram - but pick up some more if you can, there are lots of 256mb sticks on eBay for about £1 / $1


Tiger itself works well - though I have a 2.4Ghz CPU


I also installed iLife, which is quite memory hungry and needs more ram - I can work garageband, but only on 3 - 4 tracks - didn't even bother to try iMovie!!

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If your just afther web browsing, word docs, pdf files then yes. but one problem your 800mhz CPU might be a little out dated what CPU you trying tiger on and dos it support any MMX, SSE, SSE2 if not try ebay you can get a 1.7ghz for less then £5.00, and lastly search the forum for your motherbroad make and model, video drivers, webcam (should work with macam), printer and that your 100% sure you wonna go for it.


You can find out by downloading CPUz under windows 2000 or xp and let me know how it goes with the 256mb ram as im intressed to as i have a old pentium 3 966mhz, 256mb ram

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