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  1. GeForce4 MX 440 or Intel i845 - please help!

    Bought a GeForce FX5200 on eBay for about £10 - works perfectly!!
  2. Can I install Tiger with 256 MB of ram?

    I have installed Tiger with 256mb ram - but pick up some more if you can, there are lots of 256mb sticks on eBay for about £1 / $1 Tiger itself works well - though I have a 2.4Ghz CPU I also installed iLife, which is quite memory hungry and needs more ram - I can work garageband, but only on 3 - 4 tracks - didn't even bother to try iMovie!!
  3. I am trying to get some kind of readble video display on my new install of OS x86. My computer: eMachines 770, 2.4Ghz Intel P4 (SSE2), 256mb ram, 80gb HD (20gb partitioned for OS X) Display - GeForce4 MX 440 or onboard Intel i845 I understand the i845 is unsupported past 10.4.1 - but I can't get anything through the GeForce card AFTER I have installed - the installer is in full lovely colour, but a boot hangs when the monitor is plugged in through the card. The boot continues when plugged in to the onboard socket - but the colours are grey, grainy and unreadble. I have installed 10.4.3, 10.4.8 and 10.4.10 - with Natit, Titan and AGPGart enabled and still nothing. What can I do - I had a look through the Chameleon trunk list (found in the Nvidia sticky tutorial on this list) but my card is not listed. Can someone please just tell me, can I get this card to work? If so how (step by step please, assume I know nothing, as I get lost half way through the nVidia tutorial) OR is there a way of making the i845 work, preferable in 10.4.10? BTW when I use Natit or Titan, I get this error: NVDA: start (display) <1> NVDA: start (display) <1> failed Would a GeForce FX5200 work instead? Thanks for any help
  4. In need of some help

    OS X installs can be really fussy about AMD processors, since they only work *in theory* - saying that, lots of people probably have got them to work. I tried Kalyway and Leo4all on my AMD Turion x64 notebook, with similar problems to you, it just didn't want to know at all. In the end I got stuck on a SATA problem, and then my poor old motherboard failed (it had issues!!) I was getting somewhere with Kalyway 10.5.2 - if I could have solved the SATA support problem. There were no options to change it in the BIOS. But it's all history now as my computer broke!!
  5. what's the problem here?

    Did anyone find a solution to this problem? Except for perhaps all the graphics cards listed are incompatible? I have the same problem. I have 2 graphics interfaces on my PC - an onboard i845G Intel Chipset (unsupported above 10.3 I think) which will boot in a horrid 4 colour display which is unreadble! At a forced Graphics Mode of 800x600x16 I could decipher some menus and things I tried Natit v1 and 2, Titan (now installing with AGPGart, haven't tried yet) With Natit and Titan, they 'see' my grapics card - a GeFroce4 MX 440 (nvidia), but then I get: NVDA: start (display) <1> NVDA: start (display) <1> failed The boot continues, but the screen goes black. With no graphics drivers ticked, the boot hangs after 'login window started' Any suggestions? I am waiting on a GeForce FX5200 as I have read in the wiki that people have used this card successfully in their setup.
  6. Broken links in the wiki

    I'm trying to find 3rd party drivers either for me nVidia GeForce card, or the onboard intel chipset, but when I go to the 3rd party dirvers list in the Wiki, none of the following exist www.macvidia.com forum.osxproject.org (I believe the forum is now Insanely Mac) installers.dl.am I have found a lot of broken links like this in other places too. I have searched for 'display drivers' , 'display extensions', 'download display drivers', 'download intel display drivers' and have found nothing, please can someone help!!!??
  7. Help me get my usb drive back.

    if you formatted in HFS (or HFS+) then windows can't 'see' a Mac formatted drive. Try formatting in FAT32 as previously suggested, or download MacDrive 8 trial and see if you can mount it this way. I have used MacDrive to see my OS X86 partition on my primary HDD. Just search MacDrive 8 in Google
  8. Boot problems!

    next installment... I tried pressing F8 at boot and typing "Graphics Mode"="800x600x16" I also tried 1024x768x32 and 640x480x32 - can't remember what happened in 1024, and there was some kind of error message for 648x480 (still 2 colours) I wasn't sure what the last number was, I thought it might be bit-depth, so I reduced it. 800x600x16 allowed OS X to boot successfully, allbeit in 2 colours. Black and white was never so useless!! I have managed to decipher the system preferences menu, but can't change any of the graphics properties. There are ood splases of colour here and there, most things are unreadble because of the high quality display they require. Mousing over some options makes them a little clearer. So, I have boot. Now I need to find out how to make the graphics adapter (on board, Intel) work. And see if I can also make the sound work, as there appears to be none. And then the quest for Garage Band begins. I'll start a new thread about display drivers.
  9. Boot problems!

    OK, next update Tried using Natit v1 - only selecting the Kalyway install, SSE2 patch, CPU cooler patch and Natit driver During the -v loadup, Natit launches, recognises the card, but there is a 'failed' line in the display message (forgot to write down, something like Display device <1>: failed! ). Now though, when the process gets to where it would hang originally (after no Airport card driver and using default localhost name) the boot continues, but the monitor signal is lost. The hard drive continues to be accessed, but I can't see anything, from either VGA port. Re-installed, only selecting Natit v2 - same problem Re-installed again, with NO vga drivers ticked - hangs at usual place. Re-booted, connecting VGA cable to onboard - boot continues, but in 2 colours (unreadable), so it is the graphics card which causes the boot to hang. Also, where Natit would have booted there is another message, something like IAOS: family not recognised (I know this is not it exactly, should have written it down I know!) Is there any way I can get OS X to boot using the display driver which the install program uses? Would I alter this in boot.plist?? If so, how? The install program displays in lovely full colour, so it can display through this card at a generic level, but at the moment, its finding a way to force it to do so, and I don't know how to do this. I also changed my BIOS setting - you can specify a PCI or AGP card as the primary display in bootup, I don't know why it was set to PCI, I have no PCI graphics adapters. I changed it to AGP, but it made no difference. I'm so close!!! Any suggestions?
  10. Boot problems!

    Yes the card is AGP (brown slot!) Just done what I probably should have done in the first place and looked up the exact model of the card to see if there were any issues. While people on this forum have found issues with their card, the wiki does list my card as compatible, and works with Natit, so I'm trying it now. Hey it's only the 20th install I've done.... urrrrrgh. I'm using Kalyway Tiger as that had the options for Natit. I hope it works! Also ticked the intel drivers - though they are ticked to start with. I'm wondering if ticking more than one graphics driver will cause a problem. I missed out the first '4' that's why I couldn't find any references to my card. I don;t think it's particularly high spec, it's over 5 years old! It's a GeForce 4 MX 440 - made by nVidia
  11. Boot problems!

    OK update time again. Found VGA drivers, turned out to be SVGA drivers - work in windows, colours work in DOS (post screen is coloured, windows load up is coloured) Can display in true colour in windows, set at 1024x768. Now I know setting these files in place in Windows won't effect the Mac install, or even a fresh install, but I expected at least 16 colours - nope, only got 2, even in the installer. Can't read a thing. Is there any way of configuring the display before loading the installer? My next plan is to install with the graphics card installed so I can see what is going on, choose the Intel VGA display drivers in Kalyway 10.4.10 install customiser, then switch off and remove troublesome GeForce card again, and see if I get a few more colours. Or... if anyone has any suggestions???? I can't proceed with the install as I can't read anything!
  12. Boot problems!

    The GeForce does take ram from the computer's main ram, but it's a card attached to the brown slot inside the PC, so I assumed it was a graphics card and not on board? There's nowhere else to attache a monitor except through the card?? I don't think the problem is with the card now though, as I tried to force generic display drivers, but the boot still hangs at the Login Window text line EDIT: THANKYOU WANGERMAN... !!!! Your post made me go and double check, and there is also on board graphics. So I promptly removed the graphics card, plugged in my monitor to the onboard and have got a step closer - however, everything is grey and virtually unreadable, but I have got to the login screen!!! WOO! Not quite sure what to do next but thanks!! Also, if anyone can suggest a way of getting the onboard to display in greater than 2-bit (yes, 2 colours! Unreadable!) XP will only display 16 colours (4-bit). Going to search for VGA drivers now
  13. Boot problems!

    Deleted all the GeForce kexts - made no difference back to square 1!! Anyone got this model of PC with a successful install?? Oh I also tried Leo4allv3 - apparently, it's 4all except my PC because it went into a reboot loop
  14. Boot problems!

    I have an eMachines 770 just sitting around, and I discovered a thread a few days ago about installing Mac OS X on a PC, intrigued, I downloaded Kalyway 10.5.2 - no success, my computer was SSE2, not 3, so I downloaded 10.5.1, but still nothing (reboot loop) - so then I tried Kalyway Tiger 10.4.10 - got a LOT further, install program ran, installed OK, but then when I boot, it hangs on localhost configd [60] : No Airport Driver found mDNSResponder : Couldn't read user-specified Computer name: mDNS " " " " " " local hostname using default bMacintosh-00064F45BCD2.localb instead Then..... nothing!! I thought it was something to do with the non-existent AirPort card (don't want the computer to use the internet) So I looked for an installation which gave you the option of specifying that you don't want to use the internet/you don't want to specify internet settings ... enter JaS 10.4.8 the AMD/Intel SSE2 SSE3 version!! Again, it loads the installer, takes twice as long to install, totally different set of options. I have installed it with and without the Login Window fix, because, the first time I installed, I got to the grey apple screen, and then a box with 'You need to restart your computer came up' So, I rebooted using the -v flag. The lines of text got a little further, and then it hangs on localhost /System/Library/CoreServices/loginwindow.app/Contents/MacOS/loginwindow : LoginWindow Started and that's it.. It gets past the AirPort line this time (though still says Airport driver missing) Could it be the video card? It's a dreaded GeForce 440, which I have read can cause problems. However, I don't know how to delete the kext. I don't have a MAC which I can handily connect my hard drive to, otherwise I wouldn't be bothering installing it on a PC!! I tried holding down shift after boot, but no difference. I tried booting with -x and -v -x, but no difference. There did not seem to be video options in the customise window? What is natic / titan - would selecting one of these make a difference? I'm not sure I can bear to install it again..... Beats me that the installer can work fine, but not the OS. What can I do? Specs of my computer: CPU - 2.4Ghz RAM - 256Mb DDR HDD - 80Gb, dual boot with XP, 20Gb partitioned for OS X, logical, formatted as Extended - Journaled. Root of C:/ drive set up with chain0 file Graphics - GeForce 440, 64mb Peripherals: ethernet card (not bothered about whether this works) Sound: SoundBlaster Live card, there is onboard sound as well - would this cause a problem (I night try taking it out) Chipset: Intel i845G What I want OS X to do is run Garage Band, this is basically it!! Anyone help at all??? Thanks EDIT: Able to access the Mac volume via XP, using MacDrive 8 - are the kexts installed here, where do I find them?