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Need to trade this dell.


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Well, I can't very much expand much out of this Dell, except the HDD, ram, and certain CD rom models for it.

I need to trade this so I can put more than one HDD in it.Here's what you'll get


Dell Optiplex GX60 Slimline chasis

CPU-Intel Celeron @ 1.73 ghz 400 FSB SSE1 SSE2 MX

Ram-1024 ddr 333(PC 2700), but the Dells max speed is 266 for memory


Video-Intel 845 Extreme graphics 2 64 mb.(Hacks online can boost it up to 128 mb, don't know where to get it)

HDD-Maxtor 74.5(EXACT SPACE IT TAKES) gb 7200 rpm


4 usb ports, top 2 usb2.0, or might be the bottom.Can't remember.



I will include a Radeon 7500 64 mb second edition from ATIPCI, Low profile, no low profile brackets, BUT only if your computer has a Graphics card eqivulent to the 7500, ATI or Nvidia.

External Sony DVD/RW x16 drive USB, but only include this if what you trade has a DVD/RW model.


I am willing to trade this computer for a computer or Laptop that is about the same specs as my Dell, except Ram must be atleast 512 ddr.Perferibly, I would like an Intel based computer or laptop. BUT, THE CPU MUST HAVE SSE2 ATLEAST.




This isn't my dell, but it's the same one. There are minor scratches on it, and the front Windows XP sticker is off, but there is a Windows XP serial on the top off the dell.Front USB ports don't work.

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