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  1. This is so frustrating, I bought this board only because I've heard how Mac compatible it is, now I can't get it to work. All I can think is that my video card is preventing booting-- I have an EVGA e-GeForce 8600 GT with 512MB. I sent an RMA request to Newegg so I can return it. Is this likely to be my problem? Can anyone recommend the best video card for our setup (and yes I've searched. a lot.)
  2. Do you mean like the Kalyway and other old methods of installation? I haven't tried those because I haven't downloaded those DVD's and I wanted to be able to update from Apple....
  3. Gets farther but still errors-- The last thing I see in verbose mode is NVDANV50HAL loaded and registered. AppleHDAController::start ERROR no layout-id found. NTFS driver 2.0 [Flags: R/O]. AppleHDA.kext failed to load: unable to locate 'layout-id' property. yukon: Ethernet address 00:18:f3:53:48:d0 It's getting better, thanks a lot for helping me!
  4. I've tried both of them now, same result
  5. macita-- i too am getting gray "restart your computer" screen with the burnme.iso. I copied BIOS settings exactly and I have the correct retail DVD. Could there be other BIOS settings that are important too? I can't think what the difference would be for the people it works for and the people it doesn't.
  6. Need to trade this dell.

    trade my laptop for a desktop with the same specs? that's gonna be a hard deal to push... laptops cost a lot more, y'know... but good luck!
  7. HP zd8000 owners chime in

    so much for craigslist, eh?
  8. Laptop trade?

    yeah, ebay should be good. but where'd you get $400 from? Searching recently finished auctions on ebay shows that only broken powerbooks go for $400. Good condition ones go from $800 - $1000. My search on zd8000's with the same specs shows them selling for $900-$1000, so... not that different.
  9. Input Remapper 0.9.14 Beta

    that's wierd-- i've been running input remapper on my macbook nonpro since i got it, no problems, love it, works great.
  10. Laptop trade?

    http://support.apple.com/specs/powerbook/P...nch_1_5GHz.html it lines up with the second column, superdrive, 80gb hdd.
  11. 'permanently bonded'-- that's like the definition of marriage. and how bout you just love your spouse and don't have affairs? ...olden days look pretty good to me....
  12. Marriage has already been ruined. It was supposed to be a lifelong total commitment of a man to a woman and vice versa; now most marriages end in divorce. It means 'I love you and I think I'll love you for at least a few years'... so sure, if that's what marriage is gonna be, let 'em do it. It doesn't mean anything anymore anyway....
  13. Laptop trade?

    How interested would you be in a 12" powerbook 1.5Ghz?
  14. Macbook audio in XP?

    I'm with you paul, I can't hear the difference... still some pretty bad audio after fiddling around with that control panel. I guess I'm just wondering now if anybody with a macbook nonpro gets good sounding audio in xp. if yes I guess I'll try reinstalling it.