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problem bootin from USB-HD


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Hi Guys,


I tried to install a iATKOS S3_v2 hackhintosh TO an external USB ide-HDD. I have customize the installation with this selection :

1. Bootloader AsereBLN 1.1.9 (default)

2. Bootloader USB



5. WIFI ATI enabler

6. WIRED Marvell 88E8xx


When I boot ( from the USB HDD) I got a black screen with a cursor on top-left blinking.


I have a VAIO 17.3" VPCEC1C5E running win7 64 bits with this config.


1. Intel i5-520 socket 1156 with 4GB RAM

2. ATI radeaon HD5650 1GB on board

3. HDD Seagate ST9500420AS

4. WIFI Atheros AR9585

5. WIRED Marvel 88E8059

6. Audio Realtek high definition audio


Could any one give me a suggestion about. Could some one tried to run Hackhintosh on similar config. What I have to check ?

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I think. the driver power correctly and seems to start, but after a moment the cursor position on top-left of the screen and stay there.

I think it look at something. the bootloader ?? I don't know. What can i check ?


I tried another bootable USB-HD with linux and it boot correctly with grub 2, so the port is ok.

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Make the USB HDD Partition active, Link


Write MBR:


cd /usr/standalone/i386/
fdisk -u -f boot0 -y /dev/rdiskX					
dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdiskXsY bs=512 count=2

*X is HDD number and *Y is Partition number



This in Terminal of the Installation DVD

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unfortunately the result seems the same. I gave a sight with fdisk and the partitions seems ok. I have the 1 partition with HFS+ and 2 with fat. Also I noted that the 1 partition has not marked with * as when I changed it manually.


what can I do now ?

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