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  1. problem bootin from USB-HD

    unfortunately the result seems the same. I gave a sight with fdisk and the partitions seems ok. I have the 1 partition with HFS+ and 2 with fat. Also I noted that the 1 partition has not marked with * as when I changed it manually. what can I do now ?
  2. problem bootin from USB-HD

    Okay , let me try. I'll say you something at the end .
  3. problem bootin from USB-HD

    Okay , Now i reinstall the system partitioning with MBR. If I do that , do I have to check ( and set ) for active partition before booting ?
  4. problem bootin from USB-HD

    why ? what's the difference ?
  5. problem bootin from USB-HD

    Yes, I created 2 partition the first GUI Part.table and the other fat. Why you ask me this. ?
  6. problem bootin from USB-HD

    thank , I installed IATKOS s3v2. I thought it did all by itself. No need to make the partition active. Anyway now I give it a try... and post the results
  7. problem bootin from USB-HD

    I think. the driver power correctly and seems to start, but after a moment the cursor position on top-left of the screen and stay there. I think it look at something. the bootloader ?? I don't know. What can i check ? I tried another bootable USB-HD with linux and it boot correctly with grub 2, so the port is ok.
  8. problem bootin from USB-HD

    Thanks. How can I verify if boot loader on mac is installed properly. I got a success full install message at the end of installation.
  9. Install osx on external USB HD

    Thank you for replay. No , I don't see chameleon , just a black screen with a cursor on top-left. I tried to go one step ahead getting a iATKOS S3_V2 and tried to install that one on my USB-HD. First I tried to install a retail dmg. and manually installed Chameleon V2.RC4. In either cases the result is the same : Black screen a cursor on top-left. P.S Sorry I created a new post in witch i explain the custom OSX I set-up and my actual config. When installing iATKOS S3_V2, the installer automatically install asereBLN 1.1.9. I don't think it could be wrong... Colud it be something with the partition type. I have formatted the USB-HD with two partition : the first GUI part.table and the other FAT. I have to check some flags to say the drive is bootable ?.
  10. Hi Guys, I tried to install a iATKOS S3_v2 hackhintosh TO an external USB ide-HDD. I have customize the installation with this selection : 1. Bootloader AsereBLN 1.1.9 (default) 2. Bootloader USB 3. SATA-IDE 4. NTFS 5. WIFI ATI enabler 6. WIRED Marvell 88E8xx When I boot ( from the USB HDD) I got a black screen with a cursor on top-left blinking. I have a VAIO 17.3" VPCEC1C5E running win7 64 bits with this config. 1. Intel i5-520 socket 1156 with 4GB RAM 2. ATI radeaon HD5650 1GB on board 3. HDD Seagate ST9500420AS 4. WIFI Atheros AR9585 5. WIRED Marvel 88E8059 6. Audio Realtek high definition audio Could any one give me a suggestion about. Could some one tried to run Hackhintosh on similar config. What I have to check ?
  11. Install osx on external USB HD

    Hi, to all I did something wrong? I said something wrong ? I would like to know.
  12. Install osx on external USB HD

    Hi Guys , Non one can help me ? Do I have to give you more info to get help ? help me , please! gpnet
  13. Hi to all Guys, I am new here. I have read a lot all the postings just to have an idea of what problems one can face installing osx. I also want to thank all of you for your great work. Now it's my turn. I have installed succesfully an hackintosh iDeneb 10.5.7 on virtualbox 3.2.6 as guest, thinking of it as my base system for all I want to do with mac. well , now I want to install a retail DMG image "snowleopard_10a432_userdvd.dmg" on an eternal USB HD using the hardware I have ( CPU, WIFI, VIDEO ...) . I just DO NOT want to use my internal HD. First question is : Can I do That.? I thought yes ( but I am a NB) , so I restore the dmg image on a 8GB pen drive and the install the image from pen drive to the USB HD included chameleon V2RC4. I have made no custom kext install , just the essential system. When start the notebook and I launch the osx with chameleon the system crash. I tried to change to verbose with -v -x but I don't see any function or command in bootloader to do that. can any one help me to do this kind of installation , if it possible. ? Thank you all,