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No jumpers on laptops? really?


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I have been trying on and off to get a native osx86 install on my lappy for a while. so far, only kalyway and ideneb even boot to the installer. yet they do not detect my hdd in disk utility. I have followed many guides on partitioning the hdd, and even formatted to all formats known to man, even hfs+ with gparted, it did not work. I once succesfully installed kalyway and ideneb to a 16gb sandisk cruzer, but way to many boot issues, never got to a GUI.


I read around and saw alot of HDD must = master and from what I know that means settings the jumpers. I could not find them. So, i chatted it up with hp and was 'taught' that laptops only use cable select. Didn't i hear that cable select is a no go in osx86?


Specs: (also should be in sig)
amd turion 64 x2 mobile TL60
mobo: quanta
prod. name: 30CF
version: 85.26

I/O PORTS AT 3080 [SIZE=64]
I/O PORTS AT 3040 [SIZE=64]
I/O PORTS AT 3000 [SIZE=64]





the flags for my cpu list PAE, SSE, and SSE2, but not SSE3.


my bios is very basic, all ubuntu gives me is F.2F for the version. I know it is phoenix, and there are updates to it. I wonder, will updating my bios add the features i need (thus helping) or will it make it worse? that is my concern.


I know little about BIOS/CMOS in general, just how to use them, and that flashing them used to be a pain in the a$$.


So, does this hp guy actually know things or is he just not wanting to put in effort? Do i have any way of making my HDD master? is it necessary for me?


My HDD is a Hitachi HTS5452525. I'm going to google for issues with my hdd and osx86, but if anyone can clear up this jumper issue let me know!


Also, what specs are absolutely necessary for my sig, I only want the relevant hardware listed, not the unnessecary specs.


Thanks in advance.


Oh, i also do not need ubuntu. i can put windoze on this mug in 45 minutes at most, if you think it will make it easier to get the ball rolling. I also seen similarly specced boxes running leo4all v4.1 but can't find any seeders. So, if anyone has any hints, please. i have tried the demons belly and blackbeards chillspot.

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i mean come on, for all the time i have had a membership on this forum, i've gotten one reply. that was probably last year. so, either you guys seem to think i am asking stupid questions, think i am not willing to do my own research (none of you have helped me get even as far as i have gotten), or you just do not know.


I hate to be the one who starts trashing a forum because his post goes overlooked, but when a post is over a month old, and you've had several views, yet no replies, what becomes the next step?


Is it that hard to throw me a bone (in the form of a decently relevant link)? I think my persistence as well as the fact that instead of littering this forum with begs for a hand to hold should at least prove to you that i only post here when i am out of ideas.


i can get the distros, what i can't get is why this is called a community. seems more like a clique from high school to me. A few times before I addressed this issue saying, if i am presenting myself wrong, let me know. Yet, not a word.


All i wanted was links, but i guess google gave me the only link that could solve this problem....



At least i can say that some of the other more lucky individuals who have recieved responses have helped me, if only just by learning what i could from their attempts/failures/successes.


I wish you all the best of luck, and I wish all the newcomers to this site a more 'accompanied' experience than I have had. Hell, if Apple is pushing their pure 3d stateless device of the future by the time I get os x working on x86_64 i will still be happy. At least I have my macbook, even if I dont end up contributing anything to osx86 as a project. Maybe my goal of getting it working 100% on every pc I attempt it on is not so feasable, I will still try. And, most likely, the only reason you may get their first is because of that knowledge you horde like the last group of young undeflowered pussies on the planet.


Good luck with the hording. I am sure it is how you got this far, so at the very least I can wait 3 more years and osx86 will be 100% universal, allowing me to enjoy what my macbook allows me on any pc i want. Actually, come to think of it, I see no point in osx86 if it is just a project there to tell everybody to wait until its ready or save up and buy a mac.

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Wow, that's the whiniest post I've seen in a while.

People work on what they want to and post what they want to, when they want to. Nobody owes you anything. There is no "clique" of über geeks deliberately "hording" the missing pieces of your puzzle, and there's no concentrated effort called "The OSX86 Project" whose aim it is to get OS X running on every PC in existence. And what's with the 'accompanied experience' thing? You make it sound like you think there's some kind of paid helpdesk team...


Read the nforce guide by Verdant, google/forum search MCP67 till your eyes bleed. Try installing to an external USB drive, use your Macbook to build experimental Chameleon boot CDs, read up on the basics, read install guides for other laptop PCs with MCP67 chipset, broaden your search: netbook, DSDT, decryptor, disabler, kernel, bootloader, retail, vanilla..


First google hit for "MCP67 OS X" is this topic:


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thanks for the info, i have seen that thread before. i never asked to be given pieces to my puzzle, just if somebody knew anything about what i didn't. look through the forums,plenty of unanswered posts. I ask for a link, i get nada.


It's cool though, I got my hands on some source from some friends from nvidia which may prove useful once I figure out what the hell to do with it.


I am not afraid to get my hands dirty or google for hours on end. In one year how many posts have I made? obviously, i am not asking for a hand out. just a heads up, link or whatever.


Glad you thought the post was whiny, time to actually have some fun, and see how many of you i can {censored} off before i get banned.


I feel bad for all of you though, you were not born me, so you feel no need to reply on something inteligent, just the drama, or those insulting the forums, or showing that they think these forums have been useless to them.


i search the forums, and google. Alot. Maybe my google-fu is not as good as you want it to be, but oh well. Obviously i knew to search regarding my chipset, just found a whole lot that did nothing for me.


And, getting osx86 working on all PC's is my goal, never said it was anyone elses, and did not speak of the osx86 project as if it were a unified effort, just as it is, many individual efforts with are at least unified by a common goal.


I also never called anyone ubergeeks, I know of none on this forum, just a bunch of people doing not much of anything to further the development of osx86 except for writing tuts on their hardware.


Though i must admit, i like your horse. it's not as tall as mine, but it suits you.

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