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Low cost Hackintosh tutorial

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Hello, Let me first say I am very excited to be here. I didn't know that it was possible to install OS X on a PC.


I would like to build a Hackintosh so I can help my family with their Mac problems. Everyone has one but me and if I have one to play with I'm sure I can help them out. All my prior experience is with PCs and that's not much help to them.


I've looked over some of the guides and it seems that specific problems occur with specific boards.


It would be great to find a tutorial for a specific motherboard that is inexpensive and that I can find on eBay. It would be great if the installation went easily and any difficulties were solved and were well explained. I would like to install the latest version of Snow Leopard.


I don't need to play video games so it doesn't have to be very fast, maybe a P4. I'd just like to use the onboard video so I can save on a video card. It would sure be great if someone had a step by step that made everything work.


Can someone please help me?

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I will give you my experience with a first Hackintosh. You need to research the most widely supported components.

My first and probably last Hackintosh was a build from scratch box that included system box and power supply, motherboard and video card and RAM and DVD drive and cooling and everything.

Common wisdom is that Gigabyte Intel motherboards are the closest to Apple type hardware.


Here is a list of parts I chose for my HacMac:


Cooler Master Cosmos chassis with Cooler master 900 Watt power supply

Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard with Intel i7 920 CPU and 12 GB OCZ DDR3 1600 RAM

EVGA Nvidia 9800 GTX+ video card and Pioneer SATA DVD-RW drive with 1 TB Seagate 7200 rpm boot disk

I choose water cooling with the Corsair Hydro H-50 and fan cooler for the RAM by OCZ

It has worked out very well for me and I use Kakewalk 2 to load Snow Leopard using the USB loader method. You can have it up an running in 30 minutes if you choose the components supported by Kakewalk


Hope that helps you.

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