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Why no netbooks/notebooks in the Database?

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Since netbooks and notebooks are pretty standard hardware per model, why are they not included in the OSx86 Database?


Seems like it could make life a lot easier for your readers, rather than forcing them to dig out the specs of everything in each device piece by piece.....

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I know I've submitted several compatible pieces of hardware and some several months later they have yet to be added, so it could be that the database is no longer being updated, either for lack of staff time or because it seems almost all newer hardware is compatible these days....


A laptop/netbook section would be nice, as it would help a lot shopping around if you intend to make a hackbook before your purchase (its not like you can swap in compatible parts!). The problem I see here is the way that manufacturers sometimes create a large group of part numbers to represent different system configurations.


It could easily get cluttered with duplicate entries from a manufacturer that use the same motherboard but has 30 different model numbers to account for variations in processor speeds or installed ram. Or perhaps 2 confusingly similar model numbers which vary by a critical component like video or audio, which might not be apparent unless someone took the time to check the components first...

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