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Asus P5Q bios


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Once there was a topic here somewhere by someone named 'Juzzi' that had links to patched BIOSes with the CPU aliases removed in DSDT for almost the whole line of ASUS P5Q series boards.


P5Q series boards cannot boot any flavor of OS X (retail or distro) without the CPU aliases removed, if you couldn't patch your DSDT and add it to your bootloader, your only option was to either install a Pentium 4 CPU and disable hyperthreading (that's what I did at first) or use a patched BIOS. So it was a great help at the time.


The topic is gone, I'm guessing because some of the BIOSes contained OEM SLIC tables used to pirate Vista and 7 and the adminosphere wised up to that, but you can still find the BIOS files with some persistant googling.


I'm backing those up before they go off the radar again. :rolleyes:

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