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*SELL* Hack Pro ($400)


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Selling my much loved Hack Pro that I got a few weeks back.


$400-$500 (I want $500 for it though. I would start the bids at 400.)



Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.10

2 GB RAM @ 960 MHZ

Gigabyte G14M-ES2L

Asus 8400 GS 512 MB

1 terabyte Western Digital Sata

Lite-On DVD Burner

Case With Handle on top, headlights in the front, Side panel with a rainbow led fan.


Have Everything Working (Sound, Sleep, QE/CI, Etc,)

Running Snow Leopard 10.6.4 (Latest)

Includes lots of software:




Parralels with Windows XP installed with Office

And Much more


Will put on eBay if anyone wants to buy, shipping will probably be around $20 or $15

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Still Selling!


Hey are you still selling it? I'm interested. Can you email me pics? I'm willing to pay $400, I already have a hackintosh hardware list that totals for $380 w/ no case or PSU, but it has much better specs (intel core 2 quad, 4g ram). So I would buy this to save the hassle of building for myself. If you want to see my build list, look under my posts. THanks.

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-Well, yea I'll still sell it, but the processor is actually a dual core 3.1 overclocked from 2.7

Also, it comes up as core 2 duo in osx, but its actually a dual core. Not a big difference.

You could also replace the processor if you want, but its brand new, like all of the parts.

-Also, I no longer have the 1TB, so I have to give you an 80 gig. Or if you pay me 500, I can buy and install a TB into it with OSX on it.


Are you still willing for 400? Ill put it on ebay if you say yes.

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