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  1. *SELL* Hack Pro ($400)

    -Well, yea I'll still sell it, but the processor is actually a dual core 3.1 overclocked from 2.7 Also, it comes up as core 2 duo in osx, but its actually a dual core. Not a big difference. You could also replace the processor if you want, but its brand new, like all of the parts. -Also, I no longer have the 1TB, so I have to give you an 80 gig. Or if you pay me 500, I can buy and install a TB into it with OSX on it. Are you still willing for 400? Ill put it on ebay if you say yes.
  2. *SELL* Hack Pro ($400)

    Yes, i'll email it too you. Give me your email.
  3. Gaming / Hackintosh for sale in Chicago

    How much??
  4. SSD?

    Does anyone know the definite answer?
  5. SSD?

    Indeed there is only one way to find out. But I am somewhat short on money and don't want to buy a vertex if i wont have all the speed it's supposed to have just beachase my mobo doesn't have ahci. Will not having ahci degrade my performance?
  6. SSD?

    Oh cool, I'll look into some of tiger directs deals also, is that 100 mbps for read and write? Looks like you had a great upgrade in your netbook with that ssd. Why is it that you don't get 240 mbps? Isn't that what vertex 2 supports? Is it because you might not have ahci? I don't think my bios has ahci either. And since my western digital gets 100 Mbps read now, should I still upgrade?
  7. SSD?

    How about a Vertex, not vertex 2. I found it for 80 bucks used. But does it also have internal garbage collecting? And I'm not sure if my mobo has ahci. I didnt see it in by bios. Will that affect anything? Or, could you help me find a vertex 2 for about 100? I dont care about the size.
  8. SSD?

    So in essence, should I have full speed? Even in Mac OS SL?
  9. SSD?

    I want a snappier system, like faster app loading and boot. Currently, I have 40 second boot from chameleon to the desktop. Will this help me? I was thinking about getting the Vertex 2. Will I get all 240 mb/s for read? I dont have sata 2 so im not sure. Well I think I dont. I have a G41m Es2l Gigabyte.
  10. Hardware for sale

    How much for the wifi card?
  11. *SELL* Hack Pro ($400)

    Still Selling!
  12. Boot times for you Hackintosh

    Well, no that was not sarcasm. Also, I am using the following Kexts: Apple HDA for sound Sleep Enabler Fake smc Jatommicro or something like that. Dont have acess to my mac right now
  13. Boot times for you Hackintosh

    Cool, SSD's sound nice. But what about Trim support? Will the SSD drive degrade in performance? Also, I tried the CMOS reset, and now the verifying dmi pool data stays for like 3 seconds. Thanks. Additionally, I realized how disabling my ethernet and sound in the bios makes my computer load so much faster. I think the kexts ares lowing down my boot. Could it be that?
  14. Boot times for you Hackintosh

    Thanks for the links, but I wanted to know what I should upgrade for my individual computer. It is the ram? The HDD? Or maybe the cpu My slow boot speeds..... And is it normal for my pc to have "verifying dmi pool data" at start up? That slows it down loads.
  15. I have 10.6.3 on my Gigabyte G41M-ES2L with a 1TB HDD and 2 gigs of ram, along with an intel dual core @ 3.1 My Speed is the following: From Power Button to Bios Screen - 7 Seconds From Bios Screen to Bootloader- 15 Seconds From Bootloader to Desktop- 42 Seconds Is my 7 seconds in the begining too long? Post your speeds, and please tell me what I should upgrade on my hackintosh to make it faster booting and load apps. Include your specs too.