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Macbook and Macbook Pro specifications ?

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I´m looking for the cheapest (fully) compatible Macbook alternative.

Therefore, I looked everywhere for the specific specifications for the Macbook and Macbook Pro. But didn´t find any.

So, is there a list with e.g.


WLAN: manufacturer, which chipset it uses

LAN: manufacturer, which chipset it uses

isight: manufacturer, which chipset it uses, the

USB: manufacturer, which chipset it uses, the



If anyone could help, I´d appreciate it very much

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you'd probably be better off seeing what wlan and lan chipsets are supported by OS X since that will give you alot more options for a laptop.


From reading around I think your biggest problem is that the LCD only works on a laptop with a GMA 950 if you boot with an external monitor plugged in aswell. So that issue is probably a show stopper for you. Whats wrong with the MacBook anyway? - its pretty cheap if you get the minimum spec, and you upgrade to 2GB ram for about £100. 2 finger scroll, mag safe, IR remote, isite, nice keyboard features all make it well worth it to pay the extra over some crappy Acer. Do you have a friend in University? They can get you a 10% discount on the edu site.

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well actually I am a student. The price for the smallest Macbook is 1015€. Yes we are talking about Euros. Well, for one € youhave to pay 1,26$

So about 1279 US $ for hat little on. Although it includes taxes, I think it is too few for the money. I´d consider buy one is it had 3 years warranty. But no, only one year. But hey for 3 years I would have to pay additinally 256,36]€ (you see the Euro sign).


And yes, my mentioned prices includes the student discount.


So, yes Apple is stylish, but Apple hardware is also expensive.




Btw, I just found a notebook*, it costs me 635€ incl. taxes, shipping and handling, and is quite as fast as the Macbook. The wlan module will be replaced, it has 2 years of manufacturer warranty, I will probably update the RAM and I will be still way below the prices I would have to pay for Apple´s one.



*Intel® Core Duo T2300E (1,66 GHz Clock Speed, 2 MB L2 Cache, 667 MHz FSB)

Betriebssystem Microsoft® Windows® XP Home SP2 OEM

15,4" TFT WXGA (Widescreen)



DVD±RW Dual Double Layer L

Grafik Integriert in Intel® Chipsatz 945GM, PCI Express Technologie

Intel® PRO Wireless 3945ABG, Wireless LAN b/g

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In the UK 3 year is actually included free for higher education purchases. Are you sure it isn't for you too?


Dunno you are also relying on this community to keep patching the updates. And OS X leopard will be out soon so its quite risky to invest in hardware to run os x when you might not be able to upgrade. I think its fine to play about with os x86 desktops since you can put one together for under £200 or use old bits you have lying about. But buying a laptop does seem too risky to me.


I had an Acer 8204 which had almost identical specs to the mac book pro and was hoping to run os x on it but it didnt work at all. I had screen problems - Acer use the worst LCD panels so I returned it. I got a MacBook Pro 2.13Ghz for £400 cheaper and I am well happy with it. Its definately the nicest laptop Ive ever used. I've seen the MacBooks too, a few of my friends have them and they look excellent. Youd be very very happy if you spent a bit more on one.

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Kintac, just buy your Macbook for 992€ at www.unimall.de and get a free addition to it.


as indiekiduk already said, keep in mind that updates are not available for hackitoshes.



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