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TV Tuner cards

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I have a Hauppauge PCI TV/Radio tuner card that is based on the CX23881 (BT881) chipset and have been trying to search for a driver to use it on my hackintosh


The only thing close to it was BT8xx.kext which is compiled for the BT878 chipset so I was wondering how difficult would it be to convert it to my chipset would it be a matter of simply changing a few lines of code or a complete re writting of the driver


I would proberly also need the source code for this and also have had no luck in finding has anyone else here managed to get their tuner card working with the same chipset.


Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated


EDIT: have now found the driver for this card from iTele but unfortunatly the associated application does not see my card but the card is listed in system profiler


This I believe is most likely due to the fact that I have an analog card and not digital now to be able to get itv0.4 or xtelevision to use this driver instead of the bt8xx


I will keep trying

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