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  1. Connect360 - how to make it work?

    Update - I downloaded another version and this time it just worked. On X360 I had to download some codecs - but after that it worked
  2. Time Machine - Zephyroth 10.5.2

    Strange - Time Machine problem fixed by networking kext?
  3. time machine help

    What is your boot order in BIOS?The DVD should be the first boot device and then HDWhat is your boot order in BIOS?The DVD should be the first boot device and then HD
  4. I have Nero 8 on a Pioneer 112 DVD burner. I burned at 4 speed and had no problem
  5. tle88 - you are freaking amazing! I bought the AOpen QF50A http://www.infonec.ca/site/main.php?module...il&id=13833 It was 50% off - so $40. Unfortunately now I realize that it might not be good because it has older - I think v1.3 power supply. I had to buy a 20pin to 24pin adapter for the motherboard. Also there were no SATA power connectors so I spent $2 on a ATX to SATA converter. In the end - the computer works well enough. The Sleep issue (which is intermittent) is not that big a deal Thanks again for all your help! (Nice to see a few other people build on this motherboard)
  6. Anyone build a DX38BT system yet? I sold my D945GNTLKR system to a friend. Now time to build another one Update - I read the article on X38. Seems that there is no reason to go to X38 when P35 is in the same performance neighborhood.
  7. Suggestion - how I would do it

    I look through the hardware section and see all sorts of questions about hardware compatibility. I really think that having as an example - five 'approved systems' which have optimized installations for would be a really good thing for people that want to build a hacintosh
  8. XBMC?

    Any chance this would be ported to AppleTV?
  9. I have installed Connect360 to stream movies from Hacintosh to XBox360 but the app appears not to work I click on Start but it keeps saying that Media Sharing is Disabled but I have set the Movies directory to Shared Unfortunately there is no manual for Connect360. Supposedly it is supposed to 'just work' but it does not just work for me. Any help would be appreciated
  10. P5W DH Deluxe not working !

    Here is a good guide http://lifehacker.com/348653/install-os-x-...acking-required
  11. Update on Sleep I updated to 10.5.2 but I still have kernel 9.1 used KalywayUpdCombo10.5.2.pkg If I wake system when screen is black and fans running it works perfect If I wake system after the fans stop the sleep works about 66%. Occassionally when it wakes up it goes to a screen that says "You must reboot" Sometimes the screen goes black but fans do not stop and then it just does not start after button click and I have to reboot with power button tle88 and marliwahoo - thanks for all the great help!
  12. I reinstalled because I could not figure out how to use Time Machine. I am at Kalyway 10.5.1 with the Video Upgrade 1.0 - strange that it worked and I did not need to replace kexts - it just worked. As for Power Management - it works. Screen goes blank, computer shuts down, fans and HD turn off. I have USB keyboard and mouse. Both keyboard and mouseclick work to wake up the computer. I am now wondering if I want to do any of the 10.5.2 updates Now time to smoke a doob to celebrate My XBench score = 105 CPU Test = 71 Memory Test = 132 Quartz Graphics = 144 OpenGL Graphics = 233 User Interface = 144 Disk Test = 60.7
  13. Here is my install stuff http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=88211&st=0 I got everything working OK - then ran Virginizer and it screwed everything up. I reinstalled everything and boot up - I went into Time Machine but can't restore I have my back-up image on USB drive. I can see the drive but can't restore Can anyone help? I don't want to go through the whole process again I won't let me restore the the Library folder or User help!
  14. How do I identify which kernel I have? What are the differences between 9.1 and 9.2? What is benefit of going to 9.2? Which is better for d945GNTLKR mobo? Which are you guys using?