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Dualscreen, triple screen, quad and more - feedback and howtos


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Hi folks !


I'd be willing to start this _informational_ threads for a quite long time, and with the upcoming support for ATI 5xx0 series, it's time for some datamining and aggregation.


Multi-GPU and multi-display is getting common, so I'm sure some of you will have questions and feedback about that.


Principle of this topic :

- Not a chat topic : post only synthetic feedback and howto

- Not an open question topic : "is this card supported ?" will not get any answer if it's not mentioned in the first post.

- If you have only one videocard in your system, and only one monitor, this topic won't address your concerns.

- It's not (yet) about mobile GPUs, only desktop, unless you can provide interesting feedback.


Now the topic is planted, let's go on.




What works


Any nvidia card with multiple outputs, except the entry level (lowest second digit of every series) CAN do dual-onitor. So it's not interesting.

Any _known as supported_ ATI card can do dual monitor.


Dual identical nvidia cards always works. Most dual different nvidia cards works, whatever the bus is (PCI, PCIe-x1 + x16...).


Dual ATI card is _not yet_ known to work well. Need feedback.


Triple identical nvidia cards has been done. Still need feedback on the proper way to do it.


So it's relatively easy to go up to 4 screens on nvidia, 2 3 (since 20100807, see this thread) on ATI, more to come.




What has to be clarified

Triple output on 58x0 : they are supposed to work but SysPrefs won't detect the third output (either HDMI or native Display Ports, tried both). May eyefinity 6 (2 DVI/DP + 4DP) be supported ?


Eyefinity 3 is supported on HD5750 (see this thread)


Dual ATI as been tried and may work. Is there a single "safe" way to go ?



What won't work

heterogenous cards : avoid mixing ATI and nVidia, both won't be QE/CI enabled at the same time even if you manage to get a framebuffer (VESA mode)



What I personally tried and approved

GA-EP45-DQ6 and many other gigabyte models, dual 250GTS, EFI strings : works well, have to initiate PEG2 first (BIOS setup). Patched DSDT fix the PEG2 issue. Used Aquamac's dual 9800GTX first tutorial to get it u&r in leo then SL.

GA-EP43-DS3L + 4850 : DisplayPort never worked, triple monitor is not possible.

GA-EP43-DS3L + 5850 : Displayport + DVI working, DP + 2DVI isn't.


I have 3 Dell WFP2408 (native DP but used with DVI on the GTS250 cards) and 2 LG 22" DVI on the backup rig.




Feedback / hints / corrections (with pointers) welcome !

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GA-P35-DS3R + 5850: Failed to get 2x DVI working properly (Screens detected, but random flickering, glitches and black screens)




Some other (older) cards also do that. What brand and model is yours ?

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20100815 update : Eyefinity 3 is known to work on HD5750 (and suposedly HD5770 too)


Having 5 screens avaible, i'd be interested in any feedback about the 5770 Eyefinity5 card from PowerColor

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