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10.6.3 Kernel boot problem

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Hi, after an update from 10.6.2 to .3, I decided to change from Voodoo kernel (needed for Dell TSCSync) to vanilla, proper install with OSX86Tools, PC wouldn't boot, so I used a DVD install to switch back to Voodoo, and... PC still wouldn't boot :



Booting with any arg (-x -s -v) don't help, I need jelp please.


I have a DVD of Kalyway 10.5.2 and a Ubuntu install

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If you have a backup of your snow leopard drive before the kernel switch, try going back to it. If you used an installer to install the Voodoo Kernel, then could have installed some other {censored} that it depends on.


Also, check you com.apple.boot.plist and verify the kernel name injected. It needs to match the name of the kernel installed.

ie...mach_kernel or legacy_kernel.


Good luck.



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