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Question about "More Info..."/Sleep issues w/P5B Deluxe

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I recently installed OS 10.6.4 on a P5B Deluxe + Core2Duo computer.

I used a retail DVD of Snow Leopard and used Empire_EFI cd to do the installation. Then I did a 10.6.4 update and ran "MyHack 1.1".

Everything is almost perfect except I can't wake the computer backup from sleep mode. And it's not going into sleep completely...the fans remain on. I have a Belkin 802.11n(AR5416) pci card in the computer which was detected as Airport out of the box by the operating system...could this be causing the issues?

Anybody with a P5B Deluxe got sleep mode working perfectly? If so, how did you do it?

Second issue I had was when I click on "More Info..." under Serial-ATA I don't see ICH8R...it says Vendor: Unknown Product: AHCI Standard Conroller. Is this normal? I could have sworn it said ICH8 before I installed the JmicronATA.kext so that I could use my IDE DVD burner. Maybe I was seeing things. Any thoughts?

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