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iMac G3 M4984 "prohibited sign"

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The other day my friends dad gave me an iMac G3 M4984. These are the specs below:


iMac PowerPC G3 223 MHz/512K cache/32mb/4GB Hard Drive/24X CD-ROM/Rage Pro/6MB RAM/modem


The computer was running OS 9.2.2 fine, except with no keyboard, audio, or ethernet support. The computer had another 9.2.2 install folder, and a 10.2.8 install folder i think. I decided to change the boot folder to the other 9.2.2, and the computer started up just fine, except with working audio this time. Still no keyboard functions. So finally I decided to boot 10.2.8 to see if it would fix everything. But when I changed the boot folder and started up, I got the "prohibited" sign.


I have tried over and over to try and fix this. I've tried resetting RAM and all kinds of things. I later procured a burned copy of OS 9.2.2 and tried to boot the mac from that by holding "C". It showed the apple logo for a split second, and then switched back to the "prohibited" sign. I don't know what to do. I do not own any restore discs, or original boot discs. I do not own another mac either. The disc was burned with Transmac from a .dmg file.


I do not know much about macs. And will do any means as to getting this computer to start up, as long as I do not need to buy any discs. I can burn plenty for now. I have 2 windows computers, and 1 of them previously used Hackintosh OS 10.5.1. If I need to I can try to re-install it and make a boot disc with that. I just really need help getting this iMac to run again. I already know it sucks and everything. I just want to make it work again!

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I'm a little confused. How can you hold down the C key and have it work if there's no keyboard support? Or are you referring to the F1-F12 keys which have extremely little usage on a Mac?


As for the speaker issue, see if you can plug in a set of external speakers in the headphone port. That will tell me a lot about the sound issue if this works. You have to remember those speakers are now 12 years old. They may have just given out, like what happened with my 600 MHz G3 I use for my gradebook (the sound doesn't really matter in that case, so it's still very usable).


I would try to get a Mac OS 8.5 disk and see if you can boot from there first (can't help you find it, but it's out there). This is the original OS that came with the iMac you're talking about (Mactracker is wonderful). If it won't boot up after that, I'd hit the red CUDA button inside the iMac (this involves opening the case). Hold it down for ten seconds and then restart.


If that doesn't work, suspect the RAM (it might be the original RAM which is now 12 years old). Mac OS X has a tendency to not work when the RAM is even starting to go bad.


That iMac is the Rev B. Bondi Blue iMac (the graphics gave it away) and can hold two 256 MB sticks of PC 66 RAM (go ahead and get 100/133, it won't hurt it). Then it should boot into 10.2, which requires 128 MB of RAM. OS 9.2.2 requires 32 MB with virtual memory set to 64 MB just for the record, so it won't hurt at all to upgrade the RAM in there.


So try those steps and if you're still in trouble, just post here and I will try to figure out where to go from there.

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