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  1. nicoSWD

    AppleUSBCDC: start initDevice failed

    I'm getting the same error using the latest Chameleon (rev 1187 from trunk).
  2. So... I'm gonna need Snow Leopard to download Snow Leopard?
  3. I have a dual screen setup, and I was wondering if it's possible to show the Apple boot screen on both monitors? GPU: 8800GT (512MB) Driver: Natit OS: 10.6.5 Thanks!
  4. nicoSWD

    My PowerMac G5 case mod

    Why thank you! I'm glad you liked it, but I don't think it's the best mod, to be honest. I've seen better ones here. But thanks a lot anyway! There's a lot of room, so everything should fit, unless you mess something up. Oh, and it's the new fakeSMC and iStats Menu 3.
  5. nicoSWD

    My PowerMac G5 case mod

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you all like it. It was a lot of work, but I think I did a decent job considering this is my first mod. Before buying the case and all, I looked through a lot of other mods, seeking for inspiration. And I didn't have the guts to cut the back, so I decided to go this way. Anyway, further feedback/critique/suggestions are welcome!
  6. nicoSWD

    My PowerMac G5 case mod

    Haha, yeah but just a bit. ;p
  7. Take a look at eBay. I got mine from there. (15cm cable)
  8. nicoSWD

    My PowerMac G5 case mod

    Here you go: I suggest investing some money into good glue. The USB connectors don't always enter smoothly, and it needs to be stable enough to support this.
  9. nicoSWD

    G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    I'd take one too. EDIT: As far as I know, there are different types of connectors, though. Depending on the model.
  10. nicoSWD

    My PowerMac G5 case mod

    Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it! And yes, I glued it. I'll post some more pictures tomorrow.
  11. I went that road too! Full log + pics here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=225356
  12. I wrote this some time ago, and finally decided to post it. Hardware: Hardware list removed Software: Snow Leopard 10.6.0 Retail install. (Custom Boot 132 CD) 10.6.7 Combo Update PC EFI 10.5 Speedstep (enabled in dsdt.aml) Kext helper (Sleep/Wakeup/Shutdown working.) Kexts: Disabler.kext Fakesmc.kext ElliottForceLegacyRTC.kext (Rest is patched into my dsdt.aml file.) Process: First, I took out all unnecessary parts, such as the original power cables (someone said "they're more work than they're worth", and that's right), the MOBO standoffs, the fans (most of them), and separators: I wanted to reposition the original standoffs to match ATX standards, but unfortunately, the case came without the screws for them, and I was unable to find any other ones. I went to all (3) local computer stores, but they didn't have any. So I had to come up with another idea, and thus being: I got myself some Epoxy, and glued these standoffs on the appropriate locations of the case. These clips are a great alternative for screws because they'll allow me to remove the MOBO anytime without too much effort. The power supply didn't fit in nicely, so I took it out of its case. I put the same plastic standoff clips as I used for the MOBO under it, and Epoxy'd it at the bottom of the case. Now I needed a new way to get the fan back on top of the PSU. And here's my idea: Its power connector fits perfectly at the back of the case. I just had to make the cable inside a little longer, and connect the earth cable to the case. I used one of the existing holes at the bottom for that. The HDD fits in the real tray as well. It needs some sort of guides, though. I just used the screws I originally used in the old case. Since my case came with the front panel, including power button, I want to reuse this too! And since I'm cool with the guy from my local computer store, I went there and asked him for old power buttons and LEDs from other computers. He checked for me and got me a few (for free ;p). I don't care for the actual buttons or LEDs, but they come with the MOBO connectors, which is what I'm interested in. (I didn't know there were LEDs for emails?) I cut off the LEDs and buttons, and connected the rest of the cables accordingly to the pins of the front panel. I have the power button, the LED, audio jack, and the USB working. I'll probably pass on the Firewire port, as I'm never going to use it anyway. Here's the pinout I used: (I think I someone posted this originally here, but I forgot where, so I can't give any credits) The DVD drive fits in its original position as well. I had to put ring washers under the left side of the drive, though. Otherwise it would be slightly crooked. If your drive won't open properly after installing it, remove the front of it. The G5 comes with some nice fans. And quite a lot too... 7 to be precise. I won't bother with them all, but I'll be using two at the back of the case, and maybe one of the HDD fans. I'll start with the fans at the back. There's a single 6-pin connector for both. Here's how it's being used: There needs to be a bridge between pin 2 and 3, and another one between 3 and 6. That, if you want to use both fans. If you only want to use one fan, use one bridge. The two HDD fans have separate connectors, and each has 4 pins. We'll need a bridge on both connectors too: The fans make a horribly loud noise while running at 12V. Luckily, the molex connector offers 12V and 5V connections. I have mine running on 5V 'cause they were just way too loud on 12V. Since I'm not going to cut the back of the case, I need a way to get the two DVI ports to the back, where the original ports were. So ideally, I would have needed a single extension cable, but the shortest ones I've found were 1+ meters. And needless to say, I can't (and would not want to) force 2 meters of cable inside the case. But I found these DVI to AVG adapter cables, which were just 15cm, and therefore perfect! I don't like the use of 2 adapters concurrently, but there was no other way. I used regular USB extension cables. I found some nice and short ones on eBay. As for the audio, I'm using an external USB adapter to avoid futher dsdt patching. The D-Link (DBT-120) Bluetooth dongle works right out of the box. Fitting the GPU is was kind of an adventure too. Since I had no tray, I had to come up with something that holds it tight. My solution isn't precisely the prettiest, but it's stable. The cooler is huge! I was a little scared it wouldn't fit in when I bought it, but it didn't turn out to be a problem at the end. And finally, this is how it looks like right now.
  13. I haven't tried this yet, but I'll do it later when I get home: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...090728144834364 Looks promising, though.