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  1. wakasaki

    G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    Cables received, impressive work they look very nice! Been after these for literally years, thanks alot mate! EDIT: One problem, I have read that the earthing for the power switch is done through the firewire connector? my mobo doesn't have internal firewire, so from what I guess I either need to splice my new cable and create an earth, or get a firewire pci card with internal port and use one of these? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Antec-internal-I...6#ht_2361wt_907
  2. I've got it working on 4 different mobo's now including an intel one, by simply plugging a usb mouse into the first usb then the keyboard into the second, sometimes doesn't work on cold boot though
  3. wakasaki

    Wirless PCI causes freeze

    I've recently helped a friend build a hackintosh to success, untill we added a wireless card (TP-Link TL-WN851N), I have used these cards in 2 systems before including my own, the card itself is working fine in another computer. The system can freeze during boot, just after or even a few minutes after boot, in windows and osx. I have read about IRQ conflicts but these can only be within an operating system's settings right? if anyone could shed some light on this it would be great...thanks! Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Intel i7 930 Gainward GTX 470 6GB OCZ Gold
  4. wakasaki

    G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    Hi, I would really like 2 sets please! I'm in UK Cheers...Chris
  5. wakasaki

    G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    I'd like 2 sets if your still doing them, how much will they be including shipping in UK? cheers
  6. 10.6.4 is now out, has anyone who had the graphics problem updated to this one? I would like to know if it will work with XFX GeForce 9800GTX 512 before I do it because cant be bothered reinstalling...again cheers!
  7. anyone had any luck with this? I have built 2 hackintosh's, the one with Intel DG35EC board doesnt support the alu keyboard during boot, and the ASUS p5p43td pro does support it, seems intel boards just cannot run it
  8. wakasaki

    World of Warcraft - Hackintosh Guild

    did anyone start one? this would be cool!
  9. wakasaki

    Tl-Wn851N (Atheros WLan) on 10.5.8

    Ok so here is the modified IO80211Family.kext, replace this to get the card with dev id 168c:0029 working under 10.6.0, haven't tested under later versions but I would expect it to work, thought I'd throw this out there for people still struggling with this issue http://www.mediafire.com/?ylmnmlumu4y#1 Big thanks to Str4nger for sending me the kext! cheers dude this was driving me crazzzzy...
  10. I have been trying to get this motherboard to work for days now, no matter what I do (different bios versions and settings, iDeneb / iATKOS / Kalyway, every possible variation of kexts you could ever imagine I still get stuck at the same point every time "Using 16384 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers" and it is really starting to annoy me, so please please please can someone with this motherboard just link me to any patched bios you used or how you set yours? an which main kexts you installed to get it to boot? help would be very much appreciated cheers! ASUS P5P43TD PRO Intel Q8400 Core2 Quad XFX GeForce 9800 GTX
  11. wakasaki

    ASUS P5P43TD PRO Installation

    Please Anyone! This is driving me crazy
  12. wakasaki

    ASUS P5P43TD PRO Installation

  13. I have had my hackintosh up and running for 2 years now so I have experience, I am currently building one for a friend with the following specs... ASUS P5P43TD PRO Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q8400 XFX GeForce 9800 GTX 512mb iDeneb 10.5.8 Lite I have searched for days to find the bios settings for this motherboard, and also which kexts to use, so far the system hangs at..."Using 16384 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers" I have tried using AppleACPIPlatform.kext and AppleAPIC.kext from 10.4.8 with no luck, also I am using ACPI fix and CPUS=1_Fix Help would be great! Cheers
  14. wakasaki

    10.6 / 10.5 Asus P5P43TD Pro Help

    I really need the bios settings for this Motherboard, I'm sure I've got them right anyway but need to check, the screen-shots from original post do not show anymore... and if someone with this board could tell me exactly which kext's i need installing from iDeneb 10.5.8 lite I would be very grateful! Cheers!
  15. wakasaki

    Tl-Wn851N (Atheros WLan) on 10.5.8

    any chance i could have a step by step guide on how you got it to work? cheers