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Migration Assistant broke my iPC boot process

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Firstly, I wasn't sure where to post this. It is a boot issue, though not a dual boot issue. If this should be moved, then so be it.


About a year ago, I decided that my next laptop might just be a Mac. Being a Win & Linux guy for decades, I was unsure whether I'd be happy using a Mac as my main machine. In order to check it out, I built a hack (specs in sig).


Long story short, I liked it. I bought a new 17" MBP. I'm happy, Apple's happy, right?


Not quite. As I had significant work by now on the iPC hack, I wanted to migrate that stuff to the new machine. I removed the HDD from the iPC, put it on a SATA/USB converter, connected it to the MBP, and ran Migration Assistant to transfer stuff from the iPC's HDD to the new MBP. (This was an adventure in itself, but that will be another story for another time.) The important thing is that, after returning the iPC HDD to the hack machine, the hack machine no longer boots.



After the BIOS enumerates the PCI Devices Listing, I see the following:


Verifying DMI Pool Data ........

 boot0: GPT
 boot0: HFS+
 boot0: booting
 boot0: done

and the system is stalled at this point. Recall that this system booted fine before I ran Migration Assistant (with this as the _source_ drive).


However, if I put my iPC install DVD in, and boot off that, the bootloader on that DVD boots the OS X image on the HDD just fine.


The messages lead me to believe that one of the early stage bootloader pieces is corrupted. However, I have no idea how to restore functionality.


Does anyone have a suggestion as to what documentation I should be looking at in order to solve this issue?


Other considerations that may impact the optimal solution:

- I would like to migrate this system to a dual boot SL/W7 system if possible.

- this was the first and only hack I've created. Even after long google sessions, I really do not understand what is going on with Chameleon, boot-132, kext choices, etc. Is there a document somewhere that actually explains what each step of the boot process consists of?

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Reinstall chameleon.


Thanks snackole. I was kind of thinking that this might be a solution. To this end, I have the following questions:


- I am unclear as to whether or not Chameleon was the original bootloader in my system. The original bootloader 'just installed itself' as part of installing iPC. Is there any danger that the install of Chameleon may mess with my current set of 'Hardware Abstraction Layer' files (e.g. kext files and the like)?


- for that matter, can Chameleon be installed 'over' existing bootloaders?


- is there a proper release of Chameleon I should employ, or is it generally safe to employ the 'latest stable'?


- I think (merely from ignorant googling) that my install of iPC may predate the entire 'boot-132 revolution'. Does this complicate my choice of reinstalling the Chameleon bootloader?

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Well if it does pre-date boot-132 as you say then in will be using the Darwin x86 startup file tool method which is clumsy. Basically pop onto Chameleon's website and download the latest build, the instructions are in the read me file and it should work just fine. The only danger is that it may just simply not work and you will have try a different method, no biggie.

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