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AquaOPS 2.4 Theme

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I have updated AquaOps to version 2.4, yeah at last.


Normal Aqua



Metal Aqua




Download Universal Installer

Download Aqua Icon kit

Download Metal Icon kit


This version includes the following updates:


1) At last a Standard Window Controls version

2) a Major theme clean up.

3) Fixed on-going bug with iChat & some other apps where the active title bar text was greyed out. The downside to this is that this has caused a SLIGHT glitch in Safari's unused Tab bar area (the upper part of this unused area is 50% lighter than it should be). ONLY IF YOU USE THE INSTALLER, THIS PROBLEM DOES NOT OCCUR IF YOU USE THE GUIKIT.


That's all for this update, hope you like the updates.




Works nice under 10.4.6/7 hackintosh :thumbsdown_anim:

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