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HD4850 w/o QE/CI but w/ reschanging


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Hi there,


when I was with the 10.6.3 my video was working great with QE/CI by only editing the device id on ATI4800Controller.kext, I've backed up my ATI4800Controller, ATIFrameBuffer and ATISupport, updated to 10.6.4, put back this 3 kexts but the screen wasnt appearing.


So, I installed EVOEnabler, the screen is appearing, the resolution is ok but I dont have QE/CI, I've searched everywhere but I cant find out how to make QE/CI work here, If you could help me, I would be much appreciated! Thank you.

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I use this pack


but only works in 32




if you want to use the 64 --> graphicsenabler=yes + legacyati4800controller.kext


Thanks, I'll try it and report here. My system is booting with arch=i386 already, but its a bit strange, because on the first line when its booting (after loading the kexts) it shows "64-bit mode enabled" but it boots on 32bit.



For now, I've installed the 01 and 02 and the video wasnt working after reset, only on -X, i'm now installing 03.




Video not working, it goes to blue (normal), but nothing shows up, and it keeps blinking on light blue.

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All right, retrying...



HD4850 with 10.6.4


I can confirm that you can get it working with a clean install of 10.6.4 and 10.6.2 kext's but its not perfection like 10.6.3 or 10.6.2


*side note: haven't a second monitor to see if HDMI or dual monitor support is working?

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my 4850 is still a wonder in 10.6.4


I was already using the Beta






What brand card are you running and if your using the original 10.6.4 kext's? On netkas site he even states the issue with earlier or later versions of OSX.


I can get it working with the driver package as well on 10.6.4 without the 10.6.2 kext but its not as plain vanilla sense all you have to do in 10.6.2 is install ID in the plist or legacy kext and graphics enabler=Yes all els is unchanged.


Can you list what method your using? Kinda like to run as close to vanilla as possible on 10.6.4. I get no acceleration running native 10.6.4 and only VGA is giving any output.

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you can use your plain vanilla

but I tell you I will make no difference in performance

whatever the graphicsenabler=yes + legacyati or .pkg


including .pkg I come from the 10.5.8 update and never had any problems, he always runs straight for all updates

only the installation qe/ci exotics corresponding to the system

but each one thinks of a way

but for me it does

if i are with the same performance and not bring me problems, I use

My GPU is an HD4850 HIS





***I use the EFI for efficiency and not by the "beauty"


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Not the same, I can show you examples of things not working especially resolutions on HDMI and testing open GL. These are issues when you switch out monitors using the driver .pkg. Not to beat a dead horse but I have come across issues when using dual monitors and the .pkg. There can be other factors too like EIED for what LCD or flat panel in use. Only the native 10.6.2 was able to auto select resolutions correctly and hot pluggable on either DVI port.


It may not matter much as performance but sure does when you come across the issue, especially in front of an audience.

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I use graphicsenabler (GA P35-DS3 / HIS HD4850 / Q6600 3.6 GHz)


and in the other spec ... .Pkg (945GCM / Sapphire HD4850 / 4500 CORE2DUO 2.75 GHz)


and I know the differences


and you are not lying, we know


but there are cases and cases




I just do not know what is EIED?




desculpas pelo meu Ingles

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My bad should be EDID monitor info . Sometimes the issue was never the graphics card on black screen but its the monitor! I had once had a friend use my monitor to flash over his DELL note book graphics card to a Macintosh friendly ID but it wiped out my EDID and couldn't choose any resolutions without forcing it to manual in properties. He could never get his Hackintosh going and took out my monitor trying and DELL had to come out and replace his internal graphics card. The only thing that worked to get a correct resolution on a Hackintosh was SwitchResX.


Take care MaLd0n,



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Sorry for the late answer, no sucess with all this things you've posted D:


The .PKGS mald0n posted gave me a boot error and I had to reinstall Snow again.


Still with no QE/CI, using the 10.6.2 kexts and evoenabler.


I couldnt find ATY_Motmot to test anywhere, if you have and can upload to me I would be very happy and thankful :P

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boot problems




If you use the package up or do a manual installation, should have no problem. The secret is to use the fdisk command included in the binary packages Chameleon. The installer was made up by taking this precaution.


Installs only the boot volume and boot1h selected, and the MBR boot0, recording only the initial 440 bytes to avoid damaging the boot of Windows 7 and Vista. It also makes active the selected partition (for partitions and MBR hybrid MBR).


Useful for when you need to reinstall Chameleon (Windows installation in dual boot).




use single user



mount -uw /

rm -rf /system/library/extensions/kextname.kext



what you said has nothing to do


any installation that goes wrong you will need to format?

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Well, I really appreciate all your help, but I will stay on 10.6.3 as long as 10.6.4 dont have big differences and it gave me 2 reinstalls.


I think its better to stay on the .6.3.

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i've been following this topic the whole time and just solved all of the problems presented here.


its not the typical culprits of ATIRadeonBlahBlah


you can use stock kexts except IOPCIFamily.kext


here's the one i just got my system back working with



Here is the 10.6.4 native with IOPCIFamily.kext w/attached VGA furthest from motherboard. Without it will not detect DVI.





Here is the 10.6.2 native no attached VGA





Thanks for the IOPCIFamily.kext but still needs the attached VGA dongle/adapter for my particular card.


Will run some tests.... (milage may very considering the flavors of HD4850)


This is using GraphicsEnabler=Yes and PC-EFI 10.6.pkg and Legacy4800kext in E/E ;)

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