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10.6 and windows 7 chameleon boot without "system reserved"?

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i installed snow leopard and windows 7 on the same drive, but when i installed windows 7 i wanted to get rid of the double drive showing up in chameleon, so i deleted the system reserved partition before i installed (***yes it is possible to boot into windows 7 without this, so that's not the answer).


so i can get chameleon installed, but it only shows that i have a mac installation, windows 7 doesn't show up. if i make the windows 7 partition active, i can boot into windows, but i obviously don't get the chameleon splash screen. my disk partition map is:


GUID partition:

1: EFI

2: apple_hfs mac

3: microsoft basic data


partition 2 is active so i can boot into chameleon, but like i said, i want to be able to choose mac or windows 7, not "mac...system reserved...windows 7". thanks.

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yeah, i'm not using 10.5, i'm on snow leopard. i'm not certain, but you can't install snow leopard on mbr, only on guid.


i'm trying to do this with one bootloader, not 2 separate ones. it doesn't make sense for me to boot into bcd, then into chameleon. so i'm not sure if there's a setting in chameleon or windows 7 that would make it show up



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