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  1. for 10.5.6 mac OSX, can it used MBR method ?? how to create hybrid GPT ??
  2. someone can help me ?? I'm installing Mac OSX 10.5.6 i used MBR method to create 4 partition, flag 1 for mac OSX, flag 4 for win7 x64 after i done those, i fail to access into mac OSX desktop. it appear a screen asking me to restart. then i used fdisk to solve it, but still fail for me. I used easy BCD tool to make mac osx Start up, but it still fail to access into mac OSX dekstop. (appear a grey wallpaper with restart note)
  3. how to solve the boot loader problem boot0:MBR boot0:done no system disk ... press to reboot
  4. anyone can teach me how to install mac OSX 10.5 into dv6-1220tx ?? dual boot wind and mac or triboot win,mac and linux. intel P8700 ati 4650 current i'm using chamelean v1.1 for snow leopard 10.5 I really dnt hv idea how to install macOSX. i try to install but end up with boot loader error. boot0: boot0: boot1:error >.< actually how to create hybrid MBR/GPT ?? no idea with it. because win can not install in GPT format and need to create it own reserved partition. HELP