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  1. anyone know how to make dynamic backgrounds for iOS 7?
  2. faggus

    Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    You missed the part where I said there isn't an extra folder there, nor a .plist file. In the .pkg installer, when you go into the boot options, there's no .plist. So if there's no .plist, why do I get the opportunity to change the options if it doesn't write them anywhere?
  3. faggus

    Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    So, let's say I updated to 2048...wheres the org.chameleon.Boot.plist file? There's no extra folder around anywhere....where is it to edit? Seems like that's a new change. How do i find it to change things? In the chameleon pkg files, you can add flags, so where's the option to change them after the install?
  4. Thx eep. I've gotten it to work on the intel Sata ports via apple software raid, but not the jmicron ports. For some reason only one of my jmicron ports are working. I'm no at my computer now, but I'll try different configurations. The biggest problem I'm having is that windows requires a hardware raid, so I can't dual boot as easily with chameleon. Good write up,
  5. I can't just setup a hardware raid, because I have to under serial configuration in bios, I have to select IDE, ahci, or raid. So when I select raid, I get the "still waiting for root device" at startup.
  6. i have 4 ssd's - 2 striped raid 0 arrays. one set is running mountain lion in apple's software raid config, and the other i want to run windows 7 in raid. i have an asus p6t, it has a jmicron sata raid setup. when i config bios to use the jmicron raid setup, it doesn't have native AHCI, so i can't boot into mountain lion without disabling the hardware RAID config for windows. anyone have any ideas on how to configure this to work?
  7. hey guys, i'm getting Facetime: AVF encoder error: fail to create accelerator instance on my 10.8 install. i have a logitech c910 webcam, i updated to the latest mac drivers from logitech. wondering how to debug this. thanks.
  8. can you guys explain to me how to edit my dsdt to get this to work? i've found the Device(_HDEF) listing in my dsdt file, copied over it with the text file provided, and put it in the /extra folder when i boot. i've copied the applehda.kext over and run kextwizard to repair the s/l/e folder. what am i doing wrong here?
  9. hey guys, i've got an asus p6t trying to install mountain lion on 2 128G ssd's in RAID 0. i've got an (in technology terms) old nvidia gtx 260 graphics card. i've used the installer shown here : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=277015 i can install ML to the RAID setup. when i try booting i get: "Unable to find driver for this platform: \"ACPI\".....IOPlatformExport.cpp:1546" i've gotten ML to boot into the setup page on a single ssd, but in raid i keep getting this KP. i've tried everything i can think of. i've replaced the AppleACPIPlatform.kext from Snow Leopard and Lion. I've put the chameleon bootloader files in both diskxs3's. i've deleted all the graphics kexts from ML. i've repaired all permissions. i've formatted, reinstalled about a dozen times already. i've made usb installer drives probably about 20 times now. i've used myHack bootinstallers, i've used the mountain lionize script. i think i'm at the end of my rope. i'd prob give up and just get a new motherboard and chip, if it weren't for the fact that i can boot into ML on a single drive. there's got to be a way to do raid 0...... Solved: I just used tonymac's USB creator. Plus I had to add the rootuuid to boot loader
  10. Im trying to use a vanilla install of mountain lion and my video card isn't supported. How do you put a kext into system/library/extensions on a usb installer and have it install with a new OS? I'm under the impression chameleon doesn't support extra/extensions anymore, so how do you add kexts on an install?
  11. faggus

    [SOLVED] iCloud and Facetime not working

    can you post how exactly you fixed the dsdt? i've been trying to get this to work, and you haven't said how you fixed it. thanks
  12. i've downloaded the latest chameleon source, and i'm wondering how to compile it so it's a dmg. i want to get the gui to work with it, and i want to compile the latest source. whenever i try make embedtheme it says make: *** No rule to make target `embedtheme'. Stop. i've read how to compile using terminal, but how does everyone make it so i can just get a gui step by step for installing it?
  13. i'm using a Gateway T-6859u laptop, and there's no way to enable ahci in bios, so i'm getting the kernel panic above. I've posted a pic. is there any way to install lion without enabling ahci?
  14. anyone get the gateway t-6859u to work with snow leopard or lion?