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Snow Leopard 10.6.2 on [ Hp tm2 ]

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Hello to everyone, i successfully installed Snow Leopard 10.6.2 (By Hazard)


for the one who needs some tips about the intallations i used this setup:


AHCI chipset




Ralink kext (i used an external usb wireless card)




Affter installations pretty much things worked, but acqually there are some that need to be fixed to get a real working hackintosh.

1) first thing i had to fix is the GRAPHIcs.


we have 2 card on that laptop: intel GMA 4500MHD and ATI Radeon Mobility 4550 HD


i used an intel3100 modifed kext to get the resolution working, but thats all. noqe\ci.

i'm acqually looking for a solution and how to switch between cards (intel is the standard loaded) and support for the ATI card to get qe\ci.


2) the WACOM touch has some problems.


the screen imput works with the finger, i mean that if i touch the screen it "clicks" but if i move the finger it does not follow my finger on the screen.


the screen imput for the stylus works touching and following, but is not good calibrated and i cant find a way to calibrate it.


in addiction it need a driver or something to put the standards function ( eraser\secondary click)



any idea and help is really needed.


expecially to fix the Qe\Ci... (someway to able the second card to work as primary, swiching by bios or from OS i dont care.)



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I installed Hazard Snow Leopard on my HPTm2, but I cant get to boot into it after install. It shows Kernel Panic.

I used cpus=1 as boot flag.


Can you let me know which kernel version you used during install?


that is strange, i used the standard kernel in the snow hazard 10.6.2..


can you show me an image of your verbouse kernel panic?

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I got OSX installed and running on my Tm2, right now its on an external usb hdd drive. The boot time is several minutes, and I cannot find a way to calibrate the touch screen either, its really annoying. Touch on the screen is the same for me.


Sound is not working for me at all, and neither is wireless.

I'm also not sure if I'm running on the ATI card (I installed the drivers I think I needed) and if I am on the ATI I don't know to what extent.


If anyone knows a way to calibrate the touch screen it would be very much appreciated, even if it is manually editing some text file somewhere in the filesystem, as long as it works.



On a side note, each time you boot into Snow Leopard you (I) have to type "-x cpus=1" (without quotes) for it to boot, both into the install dvd and the install on the hdd.

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I'd also be interested to hear more regarding progress with tm2.

It may be a good option for an osx tablet.

The hdmi out would be great to get going as well as digitizer.

There should be some wacom utilities for calibration, presumably the os sees the digitizer as if it's a graphics tablet plugged in to USB.

Could you post a listing of the system profiler output, please!

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I have been able to install it using empire efi and retail 10.6.5 disc. I boot with the flags maxmem=4096 and busratio=17.


I have the tm2-1100. It has an i5 processor, 6GB of RAM, and the ATI 5450 and Intel internal card.


I have been able to get LAN, USB, Trackpad, and sound working. I was unsuccessful at updating to 10.6.5. If anyone has suggestions I'd appreciate it.


My biggest problem like everyone else is video. I am stuck at 1024x786 resolution. I have read others were able to get the native resolution at least but I have had no success with various boot flags, commands and other kexts. Like others have reported, I can touch the screen and it will respond, but the mouse does not follow my finger. The pen does work, however, it is not calibrated correctly.


If anyone has the tm2 1100 and is running at native resolution and/or found a solution to the calibration I'd be interested in how you achieved that as I am sure others would be.

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