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  1. MacPro 6,1 dsdt

    Do these dumps help with getting turbo boost working on the Xeon-E5s? I also have a Z9PE with dual 2680s
  2. The best thing about this announcement is that when Maverick ships, we should have turbo boost drivers working on the Z9PE and other dual Xeon E5 builds. These builds already get Geekbench 28000+, should be blowing the new Mac Pro out of the water when the new chips come out (2x 12 core chips anyone?). No PCIe means that this machine doesn't deserve to be called a Mac Pro. Thunderbolt V2 is 20Gbps each way, the latest PCIe is 10x faster (31GBps). Also a dual processor machine has double the PCIe data lines, another reason that this will be a relatively weak and non-upgradable machine. I will definitely be sticking with my Z9PE, twice as good for half the price I bet (and should be compatible with Xeon E5 V2 26xx chips). plenty of working builds are at other sites.
  3. I'm getting the same problem with ud7 motherboard, maybe Acpi left in unstable state? Sometimes I have to disconnect power for 20mib then boot to snow leopard and then back to lion or else kernel panic keeps happening... Any ideas?
  4. any link to the new loader - would love to get my GTX 285 and Quadro going at the same time!
  5. Samsung's Series 7 11.6inch PC Tablet

    been a while since I checked on this hack, did anyone get the touchscreen calibrated?
  6. Samsung's Series 7 11.6inch PC Tablet

    The touch screen is the really cool thing about it. I can't justify replacing my 2010 Air yet but I'd definitely put up with a little inconvenience booting to have a sub 2kg Wacom enabled hackintosh! Hopefully there are some graphics artists out there who think the same thing and are not afraid to have a hack!
  7. Samsung's Series 7 11.6inch PC Tablet

    Agreed, this looks like a really viable machine for a Mac tablet. I don't see any deal breakers Intel HD3000 should work Battery life looks decent Wacom should work without too much tweaking. This has huge potential as a really useful machine, Please post your results here if anyone gives it a try!
  8. The Best Tablet Hackintosh

    I am about to buy a new tablet to run OS X for scientific work. Which is the most fully functioning model available? In my search for the answer to this question I have found the following. Hopefully this post may be added to and become a good guide for tablet bliss. I have done some research, here are my prerequisites: - Touchscreen must work (and be calibrated) pen input essential, multitouch/pressure optional - slate or convertible format is fine - Battery Life ideally about 6 hours - Weight < 2kg - Size (smaller is better in my opinion, so 10.1" to 12.1") - processor: something faster than atom! - cardbus and HDMI output desirable - graphics processor (anything with a GMA 500 is out due to lack of drivers) - wireless doesn't matter too much as can usually be replaced. The most likely contenders so far, include: Convertibles: Fujitsu T580: 10.1", N-Trig input GMA4500MHD, atheros wireless - anyone tried this one yet? Lenovo x201t: 12.1" wacom - GMA4500 - good reports with older x61 HP TM2: 12.1" wacom - not sure if anyone got touch screen calibration working? Slates: Motion F5V: 10.4" Intel HD graphics, pen, no touch, 4hours hotswap battery, not really any good for me as I need video out, otherwise a good model. http://www.motioncomputing.com/products/tablet_pc_f5.asp Models that won't work! - Panasonic Toughbook H1 (GMA500) - HP Slate 500 (GMA500) I'd be very interested to hear you experiences with any of the above or other suggestions!
  9. Install OSX SL on HP TM2 Tablet

    i would also be interested in hearing more, especially about wacom compatibility. Thanks!
  10. Snow Leopard 10.6.2 on [ Hp tm2 ]

    I'd also be interested to hear more regarding progress with tm2. It may be a good option for an osx tablet. The hdmi out would be great to get going as well as digitizer. There should be some wacom utilities for calibration, presumably the os sees the digitizer as if it's a graphics tablet plugged in to USB. Could you post a listing of the system profiler output, please!
  11. Gulftown Hackintosh in the Wild?

    Why not try running it native? Here are some general instructions that may be worth trying... http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2010/04/ibo...ac-os-x-on.html ps. congratulations on the board, by the way, sure many here would love to see more benchmarks of os x running on this....
  12. Gulftown Hackintosh in the Wild?

    Crazy preview of that board here: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/review...tup-benchmarked They got near to 6GHZ with liquid nitrogen cooling. Not sure that I could justify this sort of stupidity, but certainly looks like a very interesting board. I guess that the next Mac Pro may have something like these specs, which may explain the long wait, these components/processors are so expensive that even there's unlikely to be a whole lot of profit for Apple.
  13. Gulftown Hackintosh in the Wild?

    Thanks, all useful info. for anyone considering the upgrade. The processors are still quite expensive, was the speed improvement worth it?
  14. Gulftown Hackintosh in the Wild?

    Thanks Bruce, it's great to see that OS X supports the new processor. I'm always surprised by just what drivers are embedded in the OS without our knowing! Could you post some more geekbench results of your system, it would be useful for others who are considering gulftown. Also, any ideas what motherboard the dual gulftown hackintosh may be using?
  15. Hi All, Just wondering whether anyone can confirm or deny the apparent gulftown hackintosh in geekbench browser: http://browse.geekbench.ca/user/Echrei/profile scores up to 27000 for 2x Gulftown (which actually is not that fast, considering a 11000 is about average for a nehalem running at 3.3GHz) I would be interested to know which motherboard for dual processors and if the OS already supports gulftown as far as I know, no one else has tried....