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Cant ever got into the setup! :( PLEASE HELP ME

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I have now been trying for many months to install leopard on my laptop and i have never evan being able to boot into the setup this is a pretty good laptop and can run windows 7 running areo so i am sure it could run leopard (or atleast get to the setup) i think it is something to do with the trackpad driver here is an image of what comes up if i use -v



if you have any idea to help me i am begging please leave m a post guys thankyou


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CPU, video and laptop brand are not relevant. Southbridge make/model is.


Type "still waiting for root device" (with the quotes) in the search box above.


If the search doesn't work for you, go to google and paste this in the search field:


site:insanelymac.com "still waiting for root device"

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