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  1. Hello Guys Well where do I start, I have a Presario C500 and for the last year and half I have been running 10.5 on this machine shortly after 10.6 was realised I tried to install that with no luck I have tried a number of different iso's to try get it to boot but a few month ago i just gave up then the other day i stumbled onto a post that some people have not only managed to get it to boot using iAtkos s3 v2 but they found the kexts files to get the near impossible wireless card to work (Broadcom 4311) so my basic point of the post is if anyone could please advice me in the best way to install snow leopard without getting a panic would be great also there was comments of people saying you need a trackpad kext for this version if anyone knows what I need i would be more than grateful thanks guyss i have replied to the posts but had no reply so this is my last hope i guess.
  2. Wireless on Compaq Presario C500 Laptop

    thanks for the kext man was just wondering which method did you use to install snow leopard onto your c500 ive had no luck with 10.6 so far
  3. Snow Leopard on Presario C500

    hey guys i have the same laptop and i am trying to install 10.6 onto it i was wondering if you ever did get this to boot? if so what hardware options did you use? and could you please provide me with the name or link to the kexts for the wireless and trackpad thanks guyss
  4. I have now been trying for many months to install leopard on my laptop and i have never evan being able to boot into the setup this is a pretty good laptop and can run windows 7 running areo so i am sure it could run leopard (or atleast get to the setup) i think it is something to do with the trackpad driver here is an image of what comes up if i use -v if you have any idea to help me i am begging please leave m a post guys thankyou

    I am using iAtkos V7i i have also tried a few other versions but had no luck
  6. I have tried booting from a lot of diffrient DVDs but none of them are able to evan boot into the setup when using -v most of them come up with the same thing then it hangs on still waiting for root here is a picture of what it says can anyone help me figure out what it means please?
  7. Is it possible to install leopard?

    If i am right you can download a pre-installed vmware image for vmware which would save the trouble of installing it although i will warn you from my experience OSX runs so slow in vmware its hardly useable Okay so i tried booting using -f -v using iAtkos v7 and it came back with this USBF: 2.395. AppleUSBOHCI [0x27556800] : : CheckSleepCompatibilty - OHCI controller will be unloaded across sleep AppleGenericPCATADriver : CMD 0X1FO, CTR 0x3f4, irq 14 Still waiting for root device Thats is realy starting to confuze me so if anyone could help me with my problem that would be great guys Okay after doing some research im pritty sure it is someone to do with my usb support so i went into bios and disabled it but it still comes back with the same problem idea's anyone?
  8. Is it possible to install leopard?

    Thanks for the idea i'll try it in the morning because I'm going to hit the sheets ill report back with my result tomorrow
  9. Is it possible to install leopard?

  10. Hey guys i keep attempting to install leopard on my laptop and so far the only thing i am getting when i run -v is RTL8139 : :fixnetflowcontrol -flow control is disabled then still waiting for root device I'm pritty much a noob at this kind of thing so if anyone could help me out that would be great my specs are Mobile AMD Sempron™ processor 3000+(1.81 GHz) 1 GB Ram marvin libertas 802.11 b/g wireless lan client adapter Radeon Xpress 200M Graphics 80 GB Hard drive Please if someone could tell me if it is evan possible which I am sure it is please help thanks alot gus
  11. Will someone please help me!?

    Would anyone please be able to tell be what is causing this problem:( Please if anyone could help i would be so thankful
  12. Does anyone no what this problem is i guessed it was my graphics drivers but if anyone can help me please if i go on most apps that need me to use graphics e.g safari+youtube the screen flashes and two resolutions at the sametime flash on and off rapidly i filmed with my cam please view and help if you can Thanks guys =]
  13. Everytime i go onto a app that needs to use graphics the screen flashes and doubles itself i filmed it with my camera here is the link to look please if anyone could help thanks guys
  14. Hey when i try to replace the power bundle it says that it is in use so i wont copy any idea's? thanks
  15. Install Ilife Or IWork 09 On 10.5.1

    hey could you put this into more detail please i realy am stuck and a noob cheers