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  1. 10.6.5 update available in Software Update

    What you say makes sense ... I thought the same thing myself. But I have 3 SATA hard drives which are all functioning but my SATA burner is not detected. And like I said ... the system profiler no longer shows the ICH10R connections - it just gives an error.
  2. 10.6.5 update available in Software Update

    I installed from Software Update. Things are mostly working here but i'm getting SerialATAPI initial device configuration did not complete successfully. (failedCommandInfo = 0x0) and my optical drive is completely unrecognized. Also the Serial-ATA section of the profiler gives an error. My config is EP45-DS3R with - Chameleon 2.0 rc5 - /E/E has EvOreboot, FakeSMC 2.7, IOHCIBlockStorageInjector, LegacyHDA - /S/L/E has JMicronATA, RealtekRTL81xx Anyone have a similar problem? Any suggestions?
  3. Show Your Connection Speed!

    Chanhassen, MN, USA
  4. Cant ever got into the setup! :( PLEASE HELP ME

    You're likely to get more help if you state what kind of laptop it is including what CPU and what kind of video it has.
  5. GA-EP45C-DS3R

    Sound works fine. Send me an email and I'll send you the files that I use. It's pretty straight forward.
  6. GA-EP45C-DS3R

    I'm not using the PCI slots so I'm not sure on that. I wonder if you could compare the output of kextstat in safe mode and in normal mode. Maybe this will give you an idea on what kext is causing you problems. Another thought is to try using the newest netkas boot file at netkas.org. It can detect my video card and ethernet ports automatically where as the original chameleon one couldn't. It has something to do with the PCI root being 1 on our mobo as opposed to 0 on others. Maybe it will help for your other PCI card. It will also allow you to get rid of your efi string for graphics.
  7. GA-EP45C-DS3R

    I have the same MOBO. Use OpenHalttRestart.kext for proper shutdown and restart. I'm now on 10.6.1 and things are working fine.
  8. PC EFI V10.3 Released by Netkas

    Does your system work? What are you trying to accomplish? In order for someone to help you with what you "should" do we need to know what problem you are having. If you want to know what to put in com.apple.Boot.plist then you could start with reading the Chameleon documentation and then ask a more specific question. regards
  9. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    Can you change screen resolutions via System Preferences?
  10. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    I have an XFX 9500 GT with 1 GB RAM (only DDR2) and is low profile with VGA and DVI connectors. I'm running 10.5.7 using vanilla kernel with EFI strings. My setup works, except when I change display resolutions the screen goes black. I know I have a problem with my NVCAP. I'm using the PCWiz Universal Installer to generate the EFI strings. - I tried generating a custom NVCAP using NVCAP Maker and an extract of my video card ROM. This just gives a black screen on boot. NVCAP was 0400000000000100060000000000000700000000 - If I pick VGA / DVI-I in the PCWiz installer then I can't change resolutions Does anyone have another suggestions?
  11. Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R?

    Thanks for posting. I have the same motherboard. I've been working on this for a while and I have mostly the same kexts as you. From your post I learned that there are a few more things I can move to /Extra. I've found that HDAEnabler and RealTekR1000 do away with having to use EFI strings. I only use them for the video card. I also had problems using 4GB of RAM until I installed a modified JMicronATA.kext in /System/Library/Extensions. My understanding was that there was some kind of bug in this driver. I was getting panics when I used my PATA DVD drive and more than about 3GB of RAM was in use by my system.
  12. Boot Leo with chameleon from Grub

    What you were looking for is this: title Leopard rootnoverify (hd2) chainloader +1 This will boot from the MBR on hd2. Simple eh!