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Disk utility can't erase my partition?


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Hello, everyone.


I got a problem when installing osx86 with test3 patched DVD(I can't use release because it can't recognize "platform=x86pc" option) :blink:


I want to install osx86 into a single partition on my single disk which already contains Windows XP installed on C: (I don’t have another HD, and want to make Dual boot)


So, I made a new PRIMARY 6G partition by Acronis Disk Director Suite, BUT, wherever I use NTFS/AF/FAT32/unformatted, wherever I make it active or not, when I boot to the osx86 install GUI, use the disk utility to erase the NEW partition, it just CANNOT erase it. It seemed the erase process was doing, but after it, nothing changed. BTW, sometimes it showed the message like “cannot modify the partition map …”(not clear what), so I can’t choose a destination to install… :blink:


Guys, any help?

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