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am I missing something?

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I'm worried cause it says that my cpu is running at 1596 mhz while its suppose to be a 2.53 Ghz cpu... am I missing something or is there a problem? I'm running windows 7 64-bit


I also booted into xp and then checked the bios they are all saying my cpu is running at 1596 mhz... This is very frustrating and I'm 100% sure I didn't mess with any of the clock speeds in the bios, could it be my cpu over heated and it turned down the cpu speed?


Also in the bios it said it was running at 27°C

your cpu multiplier value is wrong. it should be 9.5, not 6.


go to bios and load optimal settings, that should fix it.

btw is it normal that when my cpu isn't underload the multiplier goes back down to 6?

yep, that's speedstep - your processor goes to lower power management state when not under load.

you get less power consumption and lower temperatures when idle.


if for some reason you want to disable it, you'll find the options in bios. look for EIST functions.

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