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b0 error - VMWare Vitual Drive


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Hi all


I know this has been asked plenty times before and I know the answer if you are running VMWare with a NATIVE Drive.


But I have created a VMWare VIRTUAL 6Gig Drive to test. All installs OK, but won't boot under VMWare (the famous b0 error).


Is there any way to fix this?


Or do I have to go and buy a second HDD and hang it on my second ID Channel? I have no space left on my primary drive to re-partition. What about it (the second drive!) not being the Primary Drive?


Have D/Loaded HirenS tools just in case.


I have tried searching but all posts relate to VMWare / Native Installs.


All help appreciated.


Thanks in advance!


- Rob

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The quickest way is to boot vm image is with a windows 98 boot disk,


Then when your at the dos prompt type:


fdisk, Y, Y,


you will need to set the disk active, so option 2, then select primary disk (1)......


then esc.ecs,ecs, back to dos prompt,,,,, reboot


Hope this helps

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Thanks for the replies, I have been too busy with other stuff (World Cup Semi Finals! :D ) the last two night to really try and get it working ...


Have D/Loaded Hiren'S Tools, I have Win 98SE and will put some effort into this tonight.


- R

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