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  1. Try setting your VMWARE machine type emulation to WINDOWS NT. I see (from the screenshot) that you were trying to use FreeBSD. Apparently causes crashes with Dual Core CPU's
  2. Hopefully new Mac Book Pro(s) based on Core Due 2 (whateva the code name might be ) Leopard. I need to switch from a WinTel XP / 10.4.6 Hackintosh Laptop to a MBP but obviously not going to change untill the new stuff comes out (OK, Leopard can wait, it will just be an upgrade). - R
  3. Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    Hi all As a GIS Pro I normally test a GIS app first .... OK, tested ESRI's ArcEXPLORER Java, works fine but that's just a viewer ... So I tested the usual thing I test on Linux Distros: GRASS GIS. The OSX 86 version (here) is really something else! As far as can be seen all works OK and 100 times easier than the normal X11 "Only" interface. Well done to the folk that did the "Aqua" OSX interface. Nice! Try it if you need a Public Domain GIS! - R
  4. 1280 x 800 Widescreen not available

    Look for "Fixing The Sound" here
  5. 1280 x 800 Widescreen not available

    Thanks, done all OK (Mouse tearing and all) I reckon this is as good as it gets! Thanks again for all the help. - R
  6. Anyone found a solution to this "goes to sleep but only partially wakes up" (no screen) yet? It's about the only thing I have left to fix, would be nice! -R
  7. Happy 2 report it's working, used Callisto / Omni's b006 last night, 1 hour later 1280x800! Need to fix CI & QE tonight. A tip: DON'T USE VI TO EDIT PLIST FILES, USE THE XML PROPERTY EDITOR. I think this is where I screwed things up before. - R
  8. 1280 x 800 Widescreen not available

    Woot! Tried version 006 again, C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y and it's working! Thanks for the help (I had kind of figured that Callisto was not going to work last night), you guys encouraged me to keep trying. And thanks to "Omni"for making the drivers in the first place. You Rock! And "Sleep" mode works now as well, just a pity the screen does not wake up afterwards. Sure to find a fix for that one somewhere .... Now to fix QE & CI (2mrow, it's 1:10AM local time) - R
  9. 1280 x 800 Widescreen not available

    Thanks, I have tried them (b008,6) but STILL only had 1024x768 in my Display Prefs ... I am going to try again (maybe even with b003) later tonight. Double check everything I do! I have a feeling that this is happening because OSX / ATI Driver is seeing my DFP as a CRT. /confused ....
  10. Apologies in advance for the new thread but my searching has shown info relating to this all over, maybe we could try and consolidate? I have HotISO 10.4.6 working (Native install, very stable!), AC97 Sound, Power Management, CPU / Fan Throttle all OK! But I am stuck with 1024x768 Video. Laptop specs: Fujitsu Siemens AMILO M1424 with ATI Mobilty (128 Mb) Radeon 9600. Native resolution on the built in DFP is 1280x800. Can get 1280x1024 on external CRT (by setting Graphics Mode @ Boot time). "?Video" Query does not show ANY Widescreen mode. I have tried Callisto drivers (b008, b006) and no change. Is there any solution to this or will I just have to live with it till I save enough cash to buy a MacBook Pro? It's not the resolution or the (very minimal!) mouse cursor artefacts that bother me but the text on 1024x768 is blurred and rreally sucks. Other Forumites Widescreen Tales Of Woe? Thanks in advance. - R
  11. LOL This whole Video Res thing is a pain in the A$$ Native HotISO 10.4.6 Install on a Fujitsu Siemens Laptop with ATI 128Mb Mobilty 9600, working like magic, sound, Power stuff, Fan BUT Video ... Native Res is 1280 x 800 (Win XP) ... Have tried OMNI's b008 drivers, seem be stuck with 1024x768 At boot time Darwin shows Video as being ATI VESA 128Mb. ?Video query does not give the option of 1280x800, only 1280x1024 which does not work. Any ideas? I have spent like 3 hours on this tonight! - R
  12. OK, thanks to this (Point 11) I am up and running (still with AC97 audio kext to fix). WTF - I am too used to Linux installs where one gets tons of options about which kernel version, so on to use. Obviously APPLE don't give us all the choices cos we are only supposed to be using it on their hardware. BTW, found this by searching this Forum. Thanx to all who have made this such a great place! - R
  13. VMware + osx

    Don't know about making it faster but be happy at least it's working, a bunch of us here are still trying to get our (3rd time around?) installs to just RUN!
  14. Same error here, tried a (third!) install without the INTEL / AMD patches, boots then but says the OS switched the CPU off and I should push the POWER ON button (nice pic of MacBook Power Button!) Must be booting the wrong kernel? What are the boot options? (Pressing the help "?" just scrolls the options of the screen) BTW: VMWARE install with VIRTUAL Disk. CPU: P4 2.6GHz HT / Socket 478 (845 Intel Mobo Chipset) RAM: 1Gig Dual Channel DDR400 ... Thanks in advance! - R
  15. Need help i South Africa

    Hi Please PM me your email address, I will get in touch with you and arrange to mail you a DVD on the weekend. I have been pretty busy (World Cup Semi Finals and all ) so I have not got my install working yet, hope to try and sort it tonight. Good to have other potential OSX 86 folk in SA. I will be looking at BUYING a Mac Laptop if this all works out, sick of WinDoze and you can run XP under OSX 86 Tiger with something called "bootcamp" (bootcamp). Later - R