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Save the planet - What apps and widgets are preventing auto sleep ?

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in my SL 10.6.2 I have experienced following problem.


1. Setting system to sleep manually does work fine




2. Automatic sleep mode (settings from SystemPrefs->EnergySaver) does only turn off monitor



Well, after some investigations I read that /Library/Preferences/SystemSetting/AwakeFromSleep may cause this issue.

But my system misses this file.

Other post made a hint on widgets, that access the net from time to time and therefore prevent auto sleep.


As I removed all widgets that my access Internet my system false into auto sleep without any problems, i.e. not just the monitors, but true hybernation.


I deleted iStat ( as it does not have a setting to prevent looking for updates and therefor access the net) and a wether widget.


My question is now what are your experiences, and what apps or widgets prevent your system from falling into sleep.

Is there any way to keep this widgets and/or apps, but have true auto sleep working?


So you may first try if auto sleep works for you

and then open the console to see what apps are accessing the net

turn off apps, widgets and look if sleeps works.


I hope for some useful info for all of us, as saving energy by using sleep, not only saves some pennies, but is also a drop in the ocean of saving the planet.


its for the cause


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A noble post.


iStat is a culprit for sure, especially if you're using a modified FakeSMC.kext that allows iStat to show temperature readings.


The following have also caused my system to fail to enter automatic sleep:

-Temperature Monitor

-Remote Buddy (? I can't verify this...)


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thanks for your kind cooperation


I am not sure if this issue effects HacMacs only, as I have seen some posts of Apple hardware users with the same problem.


I have found an little apple script to turn the dashboard on or off


When I find time I will try to code a simular app, that turns on the dashboard when

apple.com.dashboardlauncher is called.

That would be a quit handy way to have dashboard ("as it is"), but to keep it disabled all other times



PS: made a small modification of the script. It only "restarts" the dock if the actual state of the Dashboard has changed

but still havent found a way to catch the dashboard launcher event.


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